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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Writer's Life 1/31 - Crazy Out There

Of the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who boarded or got off flights this weekend in the USA, 109 were detained and released, two were deported, an Iranian and a Sudanese. The ban affects seven countries believed to host the next wave of potential terrorists. 90% of Muslims worldwide are unaffected by it. The supposedly right-leaning Rasmussen poll shows 57% support the policy. (Various sources)

There are stirrings in California about secession. Similar movements have arisen in its history, and gone nowhere. A part of me is curious about what would happen if it occurred. Would Golden State succeed on its own or would it soon be begging for readmission?

The Futures Collegiate Baseball League, a 9-team summer operation, has six franchises in Massachusetts, two in New Hampshire and one in Connecticut. It will be taking a novel approach to extra inning games. Any still tied after the 10th inning will be decided by a home run derby. I doubt this will ever occur in MLB, despite complaints about the ridiculous length of games. That's one change traditionalists, if there are any left, shouldn't have to worry about.

In an op-ed piece in today's NY Post, Seth Mandel dubs Green Day a pseudo punk band because of its adherence to PC. He compares the trio to the genre's seminal band, the Sex Pistols, citing songs from the influential Never Mind the Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols album. Although I don't support the politics of the songs, I admire three rip-roaring rockers from the disc: Anarchy in the UK, Pretty Vacant and God Save the Queen, which is rousing despite its simple-minded viciousness. As someone who thinks abortion is an abomination, I'm embarrassed to say I missed the importance of Bodies, of which lead singer Johnny "Rotten" Lydon said in a 2007 interview in Spin magazine: “I don’t think there’s a clearer song about the pain of abortion. The juxtaposition of all those different psychic things in your head and all the confusion, the anger, the frustration, you have to capture in those words.” That flies directly in the face of PC. Mandel describes another track, Holidays in the Sun, as: “... a send-up of the misery tourists who live comfortably in the West but enjoy vacationing in socialist dystopias in order to feel (as we would say today) 'woke.'” Thank you, sir. By the way, I like several songs by Green Day, especially Longview, which has a beautiful drum and bass intro. I'm not familiar with at least 90% of its catalog, so I won't criticize the group. I enjoyed the handful of live performances I've seen from the band through the years.

The Nine Commandments. This from Yahoo's Odd News, edited by yours truly: The Tallahassee Democrat reports that a husband found his wife in bed with Pastor O. Jermaine Simmons in the middle of the afternoon on Jan. 17. She told police her husband threatened to kill Simmons, who fled the apartment naked and hid behind a nearby fence. I guess that makes it eight commandments, although no one was actually killed.

The floating book shop was flurried-out today. If February is anything like January, the winter will have been fairly benign.
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