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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Writer's Life 1/18 - Patriarchy

This isn't new but it's worth repeating. President Obama has ordered 1385 sentence commutations and 212 pardons during his two terms, more than those of the previous twelve presidents combined. I don't understand how he rationalized his pardon of the woman who sent documents to Wikileaks. Is espionage bad only when the Russians do it to affect the outcome of a U.S. election? On the other hand, it fits perfectly with his leftists views.

I admire creativity, grudgingly when folks use it criminally. Case in point, a Florida guy was caught using a remote controlled gadget to lower a curtain over his license plate just before he'd pass through a toll station. He sounds like a great job candidate - except for the fact that he would have to be monitored closely. (From Weird But True in the NY Post, in my own words.)

From Yahoo's Odd News: A topless activist from the group FEMEN attacked a life-size wax statue of President-elect Donald Trump during an unveiling ceremony at Madrid's wax museum. The woman pushed past security ropes and placed her hand on the statue's crotch while screaming "grab patriarchy by the balls." The comment was scrawled on her bare back. Although I disagree with its intent, the protest was at least imaginative and funny, although I suspect the woman is entirely humorless. I thought about posting a picture of it, but decided it might offend some people. There are plenty available on the web. By the way, a web dictionary defines patriarchy as: a system of society or government in which the father or eldest male is head of the family and descent is traced through the male line; a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it.

Even though I know the main story arc of The X-Files goes nowhere, I'm enjoying the reruns on My9 as much I did the original airing of the series. I've forgotten most of those episodes, so they seem fresh, and they are so well done. Unlike most fans of the series, I like the episodes outside the arc a lot more. I remembered the one with Peter Boyle as a psychic and another that had the phrase "Cerulean Blue." Both from season three, they are riveting. In Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose, Boyle's character has the ability to see details of people's deaths. In a hilarious line, he  predicts Mulder will die by auto-erotic asphyxiation, which alludes to the FBI agent's interest in porn, and which is doubly fascinating in retrospect, given David Duchovny's addiction to it in real life, revealed years later. Bruckman also predicts Scully will live forever, which incited avid speculation as to its meaning among the legion of fans. I'd guess it has something to do with Scully having been abducted and having her DNA mixed with an alien's. In The Pusher, starring Robert Wisden, the villain has a massive brain tumor that gives him the ability to bend people to his will. There are two other episodes I particularly look forward to, one takes place aboard a Titanic-like ship and the other has to do with a crossbred family, a work as creepy as any I've ever seen. I hope those haven't been skipped. I've noticed that there have been a couple of leaps in the programming order, leaving gaps. I haven't found anything online that explains My9's strategy. It's hard to believe, in this day and age, that the episodes are lost. To my surprise, in researching the series at IMDb, it ran nine years. I would have guessed five. I was faithful to the end, even when the main arc became increasingly ridiculous. I hope the ratings are strong enough for My9 to stick with it to the end.

It was raw and damp today at the floating book shop. My thanks to the gentleman who purchased David Baldacci's The Escape, the middle age woman who bought two thrillers in Russian, and the young one who bought the cleverly titled Latin Quips at You Fingertips.
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