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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Writer's Life 1/4 - Passages

While on my morning walk I recalled an incident from my college years that would fit perfectly into the novel I plan to self-publish shortly, proving once again that no book is ever truly finished. The thoughts add color, make it better. I have two worries - that it will throw the formatting off and, since the passage is in essence a first draft, that I'll miss any errors it contains. Here it is as of now: He recalled a similar feeling experienced early in his freshman year. One night, curious, he decided to take the back way to the Valley Two dorms, up the long stairway comprised of what seemed railroad ties. As he approached the first room on the ground floor of Eicher Hall, he noticed that the curtain hadn't been fully drawn. He peered inside and saw a blond beauty dressing, donning a full array of white undergarments. He stepped back as if drawn by a magnet and took another gander, and the young woman returned a smirk that made him feel two-feet tall. He hurried away, wondering if what he'd done was abnormal, thinking that her date would have a lot to do to get lucky. He feared he would be reported - the guy with the funny nose. He wasn't. Every day he looked for that woman in the dining hall, and never spotted her.

Noted in the NY Post: Daniel Silva has written 19 thrillers that have cracked the New York Times' best sellers list. He has won the Barry Award twice for best thriller. To date, none of his works have been adapted by Hollywood. They portray Muslims as terrorists, and Israeli intelligence as heroes. Born Catholic, Silva converted to Judaism.

In an op-ed piece in the Post, Betsy McCaughey argues against those who would cut Medicare funding. Here are two reasons she cites as to why the program should be left as is: Since 2000 spending on end-of-life care has dropped from 19% to 13%, and the cost of care for dementia has dropped 24% the past 12 years. She believes Medicaid is a bigger problem. In it, $8000 is spent per recipient, thousands more than what is shelled out for people in private plans.

Governor Cuomo and Bernie Sanders are uniting in a push to make state colleges in NY tuition "free." Imagine how much more expensive it will be if they get their way. Government interference has always increased costs. While the two are at it, they should ask instructors and staff to work on a voluntary basis.

The floating book shop returned after a two-day rain-soaked hiatus. My thanks to the gentleman who donated 34 paperback thrillers in Russian. Of the 14 books that sold today, 12 were in Russian. My thanks to the man who purchased a survivors' manual, and the guy who bought 63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want You to Read by Jesse Ventura and Dick Russell.
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