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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Writer's Life 1/11 - Buzz

Just when it seemed journalism could sink no lower, it reaches a new bottom. A website dubbed BuzzFeed has at once published a piece accusing Donald Trump of sexual perversion and included a disclaimer. It will be fascinating to see how the left uses the information, which the mainstream media had access to during the campaign - and chose not to run, as it could not be verified. Aren't the heads of BF concerned that the site will suffer the same fate as Gawker, which was sued by Hulk Hogan to the tune of millions? Maybe they believe the President-elect will be too busy to pursue legal action. Who supplied the dirt? Was it Putin and his minions, who leftists have railed against, claiming the Russians were responsible for the hacking that did such damage to Hillary? I just hope there's no truth to the allegations. The country doesn't need a Clinton/Lewinsky-type scandal. It needs effective, sensible leadership, which sane folks should be hoping Trump will provide. Maybe this will rally more Americans to his side.

Another pro football league? Here's why the one being proposed, outlined in an article at Yahoo Sports, is a good idea. Based in Southern California, each of the four 50-player teams will be owned/employed by the league, not individuals. Players can participate only within their first four years out of high school.They will be allowed to join right out of high school or after a year or two of college ball. Total compensation is about $50,000 per season, each player paid equally. There is also full worker’s comp and, among other things, a tuition reimbursement at a community college should a player choose to use it in the off-season. There will be only eight games, counting playoffs. The season will run Sundays in July and August. Play will be pro-style. QB's will take snaps under center, call plays in the huddle and identify defenses at the line of scrimmage. Everyone will play. No one will be buried on a depth chart or lose a season of instruction while residing in a coach’s doghouse. What I like about this idea is that it will offer a place for kids who don't belong in college, a minor league similar to baseball's, especially if it expands. The NCAA's top division might then be populated by true student-athletes, and less vulnerable to fraud - or maybe I'm just being naive. NFL officials have complained that the college game does not adequately prepare players for the league. They deplore the closed practices that prevent up close evaluation.

Today's warmer temperature allowed the floating book shop to stay open a little longer, and it paid off. My thanks to the three people who bought eight books in Russian among them, to the woman who purchased three mysteries in Nancy Atherton's Aunt Dimity series; to the gentleman who went for Boom! Voices of the Sixties by Tom Brokaw, and Grauel: An Autobiography as Told to Eleanor Elfenbein by John Stanley Grauel and Eleanor Elfenbein. Grauel, a Methodist minister, was instrumental in bringing the 1947 resolution on the state of Israel to a vote in the U.N.. Finally, thanks to the Latino gentleman who parked his bike against the mailbox, looked through the CD selection, and chose the one on Musicals. I've got ants in my pants right now, as a copy of my next novel has arrived. I will look it over and, if it looks good, begin the finalization steps, which largely involve the Kindle version.
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