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Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Writer's Life 1/1 - Fresh Start

Pranksters were at it in La La Land yesterday, as evidenced by the picture below:

In January 2014 NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the adoption of Vision Zero (how ironic a title for something concocted by politicians) and enumerated a long list of initiatives the city would be introducing to reduce fatalities on the street. One was lowering the speed limit to 25 MPH. So how has it worked out? In 2016 27 pedestrians were killed, a 38% increase from 2015, 37% more than in 2014. Why have the measures failed? I'd guess the restrictions are ignored, as always, by the reckless. I'm by no means reckless and I find it extremely difficult to go as slow as 30. An unfortunate likelihood is also pedestrian carelessness, whether caused by inebriation, the focusing on an electronic device or crossing against a light or as it is about to turn red. These days I drive fearing I will receive a nuisance ticket. It seems the city is penalizing the 99% who drive safely because of the actions of the one percent who don't. (From the NY Post, in my own words.)

In a macabre though unsurprising turn of events, the recently deceased George Michael has cracked the list of Top Ten albums for the first time in 17 years. His greatest hits collection, Ladies and Gentlemen, is being snapped up.

I think the NHL should be ignored until March, but sometimes something very cool happens that must be mentioned. Last night the Minnesota Wild, winners of 12 straight, faced off against the Columbus Blue Jackets, winners of 14 straight. An article at Yahoo Sports cleverly dubbed the game The Unsustainabowl. Kudos to whomever came up with that tag. By the way, Columbus has now won 15 straight.

The day was so damn beautiful I defied all common sense and opened up the floating book shop, although it was likely many people had stayed up late celebrating last night and would sleep until at least noon. I dropped off before midnight. I wore two less layers and still shunned my winter coat. It was more like late October. Foot traffic wasn't much less than usual. Automobile traffic was. As far as I know, I didn't get a ticket - unless a hidden camera caught me going 35 MPH on Ocean Parkway. My thanks to the young man who went the non-fiction route, purchasing: The Other 90%: How to Unlock Your Vast Untapped Potential for Leadership and Life by Robert K. Cooper and 100 Ways to Keep Your Soul Alive: Living Deeply and Fully Every Day by Frederic Brussat.
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