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Friday, January 20, 2017

The Writer's Life 1/20 - Postings

Here are interesting tidbits from today's NY Post, in my own words: The New Orleans police department has a checkered history. The fact that nearly 60% of its current trainees were accepted despite red flags does not raise confidence that its reputation will improve. The warnings include incidents of drug use, failure to pay child support, and domestic abuse... In this hyper-sensitive world talking heads can get into a lot of trouble for a momentary lapse. An ESPN tennis analyst has been dropped from coverage of the Australian Open for a remark used to describe the play of Venus Williams. He claims he meant "guerilla." The PC police wonder if he meant "gorilla." I doubt he planned to use the word. Unless he's a complete idiot, which I doubt, he would have realized it would stir controversy. I guess it can be argued it came from the subconscious, which opens up a host of possibilities. It's crazy out there... New York officials are proposing transcendental meditation for inmates. It's worth a shot, although I wonder if they will learn only to be at peace with their crimes... In his droll football picks column, Hondo suggests the menu for the inauguration dinner include these items as thanks for helping him get elected: Russian dressing, chicken Kiev and pasta Putin-esca. Kudos once again, sir.

From Yahoo's Odd News, edited by yours truly: Atlanta police received a tip that the sale of heroin was being advertised on social media. "Specials of the day" were offered. Prosecutors say the defendants accepted orders through Facebook and Snapchat, and arranged delivery. What made them think it wouldn't be discovered? I guess being tech savvy and intelligent are not necessarily synonymous.

RIP Miguel Ferrer, 61, who succumbed to throat cancer. The son of superstar singer Rosemary Clooney and Academy-Award-winning actor Jose Ferrer, he emerged from that intimidating shadow to forge a fine career. He has 123 credits listed under his name at IMDb, which doesn't include multiple appearances on TV series. He did 105 episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles and 117 of Crossing Jordan, and also directed four episodes of the latter. He was an accomplished drummer who played on Keith Moon's 1975 album Two Sides of the Moon. He also toured with his mom and Bing Crosby. He did numerous voice-overs in film and ads. Here's a quote attributed to him on his experiences on Crossing Jordan: "It was great. I loved that. Six years on the same show, working on the same lot. Got to go home and see my kids every night. They weren't always awake, but I saw them. I loved that there were no out-of-control egos on the set. I loved working with the same people for six years. You develop a sure hand, and you learn how one works and likes to work. I wouldn't trade it for anything. We had a ball." Well done, sir.

My thanks to the gentleman who bought hardcover thrillers by James Lee Burke and Robert B. Parker, and the woman who purchased M. L. Stedman's The Light Between Oceans. She noted that it was adapted into a film starring Michael Fassbender, of whom she is obviously enamored. Thanks also to Herbie, who donated a Sandra Brown mystery. Of course, many passersby mentioned the inauguration. Fortunately, no one was negative. Good luck, Mr. President.
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