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Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Writer's Life 1/5 - Birth, TV & a Fot

Let's take a break from troubling items and celebrate life, as reported in the following story at Yahoo's Odd News, rendered in my own words. Amanda Sherman, 24, gave birth Monday when she went to the restroom of a car dealership in suburban Pittsburgh. "I went to pee and then, I don't know, I was all of the sudden holding her," she said, adding she felt little pain or contractions. "I hollered for help and some woman who happened to be a registered nurse came through the door." Her husband called 911 and the dispatcher talked him through the process of tying off the baby's umbilical cord with a boot lace, as an ambulance was on the way. "I can't say enough about how great they treated us," he said of the dealership. "Everyone there stepped up and helped." The story will be told thousands of times by all involved.

From an article in today's NY Post: This seems really cool. LG is introducing a TV that can be hung on a wall like a poster. It's just one-tenth of an inch thick, barely thicker than a piece of cardboard. Available in 65 and 77 inch options, it mounts to a wall with a remarkably simple system of two keyhole-style locks at the top, and magnets at the bottom to keep the screen flush against the mounting surface. All of its hardware is stored in a device armed with Dolby Atmos surround sound. Here's a pic:

The process of getting a book on the market is occasionally maddening. I made the changes I wanted to the Word manuscript file of my next novel, converted it to PDF at a free website, added page numbers at yet another free site, downloaded it to my desktop, and submitted it to Create Space. This morning I received an email saying it was ready for proofing. Wisely, I resisted the urge to assume everything was hunky-dorry, and downloaded a simulated copy. The numbers were missing. Sure enough, they were missing from the PDF file as well, despite its self titled "... with numbers." I did the same steps, and again uploaded it to CS. When I tried to finalize, there came a message that the book cover had yet to be submitted. I did that several times before it finally took. I just looked at my inbox and noticed CS has already sent me a digital copy to be proofed. I bet they're as anxious to get this over with as I am. Brother.

The wind was a tad too strong at my usual nook, so I took the floating book shop to an alternate site, and the results were very good. The first hour and a half was tough. as the sun was barely visible beyond the cloud cover. As I'd hope, the books in Russian drew attention. My thanks to the woman who bought ten of them, and the gentleman who bought one. It was cold and I considered leaving early. Then the sun broke through. Its warmth enabled me to stay another hour. Johnny came by, miffed that his phone had died. Despite having had to buy a new one, he bought three thrillers. Ann bought a beautiful pictorial on Britain's royal family for her her 87-year-old mother in law, who has buried her three sons, and who is still reading books and doing the New York Times crossword puzzle daily. And I had a visit from Bad News Billy, whose granddaughter is fighting a cold and walking around like a zombie due to medication, which he aped. As we were conversing he backed away and started fanning the air behind him. "I laid a fot," he said, a phrase I hadn't heard in perhaps 50 years. For those outside the five boroughs of NYC, that's the same as "cut a fart." Billy forked over some cash for the next time I have videos and DVDs available. My thanks.
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