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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Writer's Life 2/1 - Cartwheels

From Yahoo's Odd News, in my own words: Police in Oklahoma have arrested a substitute teacher on an indecent exposure complaint after she reportedly did a cartwheel in front of students while wearing a skirt but no undergarments. Of course, a student recorded the incident on a cellphone. The class was choir, not rocket science. Kidding aside, is that something that warrants arrest? I doubt she'll ever get another teaching gig in that town. That should be punishment enough.

According to a blurb in today's NY Post, the American Gaming Association estimates $4.7 billion will be bet on this year's Super Bowl. None of the money will be mine. I do miss the football pools at work, though. I ran one myself. It was a nice supplement to the salary. One pool I would not play was the Dead Pool, in which participants chose who the next celebrity death would be, winner take all. That was the mentality of some traders at the Commodity Exchange. It inspired a short story of the same name, which is included in my A Hitch in Twilight collection.

I didn't make much money at the floating book shop today, but it was a nice session. The Lady Eve told me she'd begun reading Five Cents, which she'd recently downloaded to her Kindle. Although I did not turn cartwheels, my thanks, and also to Ira, who bought The Hotel: A Week in the Life of the Plaza by Sonny Kleinfield, to the woman who bought Her Healthy Heart: A Woman's Guide to Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease Naturally by Linda Ojeda; to the other woman who purchased a book on Zen; and to Andu T. Soare, who bought a large pictorial on the sayings of Buddha, which he hopes will inspire artwork. Andu is 28, Romanian born. He had great news to relate. Three of his works will be showcased at a festival honoring his hero, Phillip K. Dick, one of the most influential sci-fi writers of all-time, who died in 1982. Here are titles of his that made it to the big and small screen: Blade Runner (1982), based on the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? - arguably the greatest sci-fi flick of all-time; Total Recall (1990), based on the short story We Can Remember It for You Wholesale; Minority Report (2002), from the short story of the same name, which also spawned a TV series; Paycheck (2003), from the short story; A Scanner Darkly (2006), from the novel; Next (2007), from the short story The Golden Man; Radio Free Albemuth (2010), from the novel; The Adjustment Bureau (2011), from the short story Adjustment Team; The Man in the High Castle, from the novel, produced by the BBC in the form of a mini-series currently running on Netflix. Andu also submitted an idea for a novel about Dick to a publication dedicated to the author, and received a positive response. Now all he has to do is write it. If he hadn't gained so much weight recently, he might have been turning cartwheels. Way to go, young man. Here's one of his portraits of Dick:

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