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Monday, February 6, 2017

The Writer's Life 2/6 - Hail

Hail Brady and Belichick. The argument against their being the greatest of all-time in their respective roles has evaporated almost entirely. Only the most partisan fans or those folks given to contrariness would dispute it. As I've said before, how in the world did Coughlin, Eli and company defeat this dynamic duo when it counted most - twice? I would still contest that coaches do not win championships, players do, but Belichick comes closest to knocking that. And the Patriots will probably be the favorite to win it all again next season. Who in the AFC would afford a stiff challenge to them? The Raiders might have this post-season had their QB, Derek Carr, not suffered a broken leg. Will he be able to return to form? Will the Chiefs and Andy Reid finally step up in class? The hopes of New England haters may again fall to the Steelers, who will have to make several key moves to close the talent gap, that is, if the Pats stand pat. Is there a team in the NFC that would be favored against them in Super Bowl LII? I doubt it. Only a rash of injuries to key players might sink them...  Hail to Lady Gaga for her entertaining half-time show, although parts of it may have been lip-synched. And hail to my friends Adam and Sharon, who hosted their annual bash. I enjoyed it, despite the disappointing game outcome. There were no political arguments to put a damper on the fun night. And I got to chat with my old Exchange buddy Joe Piss. He will be vacationing in Florida soon and said he will read Exchanges on the flights each way.

Hail to Paul Pierce, who is in his 19th and final season in the NBA. He is currently a member of the L.A. Clippers. Yesterday he played his final game in Boston, where he played 15 years, winning a championship in 2008, earning the finals MVP. A ten-time All-Star, he has averaged nearly 20 points per game in his career. Celtics management honored him with a video montage of his days wearing the green and white. Kudos, sir. Here's a pic of the reverence he showed his former work place and team:

Hail Eric Braeden, the German born actor who has played Victor Newman on The Young and the Restless since 1980, 2554 episodes at last count at IMDb. Although I've never seen it and am not a fan of soap operas, this is an impressive achievement. Early in his career Braeden was frequently cast as a Nazi officer on series such as Combat and The Rat Patrol. His memoir, I'll Be Damned, will be out tomorrow. Congrats, sir.

Hail Mother Nature, who provided a glorious day for the floating book shop. And hail to the gentleman who purchased the Grammy pictorial, and to Peter, who bought the novels Far as the Eye Can See by Robert Bausch and Marjorie Morningstar by Herman Wouk.
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