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Friday, October 7, 2016

The Writer's Life 10/7 - The Invisible & Visible

In 1952 Ralph Ellison's influential Invisible Man was published. For those unfamiliar with the novel, it is not sci-fi. It is the story of an unnamed black man exploited by everyone, even members of his own race, with whom he comes in contact. He eventually secludes himself in a basement apartment. The Fast Take column in today's New York Post mentions the book while excoriating the Smithsonian's new National Museum of African American History and Culture, which ignores Clarence Thomas, only the second black to become a Supreme Court justice. It does laud the woman, Anita Hill, whose unsubstantiated allegations almost barred him from the court. Thomas rose from poverty, but he does not conform to liberal orthodoxy. His conservative views have been condemned by the left, often in the most bigoted terms. Whether one disagrees with him or not, he deserves respect. He has served honorably. The snubbing is a travesty, though not a surprise. This is the same mentality that focuses on the rare shootings of blacks by police officers rather than the near epidemic rates at which black males do violence to one another.

Here's a trend that had completely escaped me, unlike the creepy clown stuff. Couples place locks on the Brooklyn Bridge to symbolize their love. Last year 11,000 were removed to a tune of $116,000. It has become a worldwide trend. Unfortunately, the weight may pose safety and structural hazards, as happened in Paris in 2014 when a section of bridge fencing collapsed. From now on anyone caught in the act in NYC faces a $100 fine. Here's a pic:

I despise the Clintons and their insiders. That said, I think the right wing has gone overboard in its interpretation of a comment found in Huma Abedin's email, inferring antisemitism when she dubbed a pro-Israel group "That crowd." She married Anthony Weiner, who I assume is Jewish. Maybe this is payback for all the slurs Trump, whose daughter is married to an Orthodox Jew, has suffered in this regard. They don't call it silly season for nothing.

My thanks to the woman who bought four pictorials, the gentleman who purchased a romance novel for his lovely companion, and the home attendant who bought a children's book geared to the relationship with grandma. While Florida is getting battered, NYC is enjoying ideal weather. Such is life.
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