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Friday, October 14, 2016

The Writer's Life 10/14 - Horses

The UN has again shown its anti-Judeo-Christian bias. Its UNESCO branch now recognizes Jerusalem's Temple Mount as a Muslim-only site. The vote was 26-4. France, Italy and Spain, once Catholic countries, abstained, as did 23 other countries. I assume they did so out of fear of terrorism.

In trivial matters: NFL ratings are down 14% in 2016. I wonder if the player protests have had anything to do with it. They don't bother me as much as the crassness of many of the athletes, the frequent commercials and replay stoppages. I find sports unwatchable unless I'm with friends.

In his droll football predictions column, Hondo concentrates more on the current social and political scene. Today he included two gems, reworded by yours truly: on the collusion between the mainstream media, the Department of Justice and the White House to get Hillary elected, he says: "It takes a village." And he suggests, should Trump lose the election, that the Donald and Billy Bush go on tour in a production of The Vagina Dialogues. Kudos, sir. Groucho couldn't have put them better.

For the first time in its history, my alma mater, Western Michigan, has cracked the NCAA football rankings, #23 this week. They are 6-0. Go, Broncos!

Some folks go all out for Halloween. On my morning walk, as I came to a row of four attached houses that occupy a single block near where Emmons and Neptune Avenues meet, directly across the street from the end of Sheepshead Bay, there was an almost life-sized recreation of a horse in a front yard, a headless rider atop it, a jack-o-lantern hanging from its left side. Even though I could only discern the outline in the dark, it was impressive. I wonder if the resident made it himself or purchased it. Where would he/she store it? It would have to be carted away or, sadly, taken apart. The images below are more refined than what I saw:

My thanks to the kind folks who bought books today, and to the elderly gentleman who donated a batch, all but two of which were non-fiction. I got to know a bit about a Russian immigrant who has asked me for easy to read novels. Today he purchased a pictorial on the history of aviation. Vitaly, pronounced Vi-teh-lee, has been in America only three years. He requested that I ask him questions so that he can practice his English. I promised to do so whenever I see him. Today I asked what year he arrived. It took him a few moments, but he got there.
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  1. And how do you practice your English Victor having lived most of your life abroad, ie Brooklyn?