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Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Writer's Life 10/20 - Down the Stretch

I did not watch the debate, but I've read numerous articles on it in today's NY Post. The overwhelming consensus is that it was not a game-changer. The only question now is what Hillary's margin of victory will be. Jonathan Podhoretz made the most salient point, citing Trump's "Best of luck" statement as an inadvertent concession. Trump's unwillingness to accept the final vote tally, should he lose, will only make sense if it is as close as the 1960 Kennedy-Nixon numbers. I doubt more than a million votes, if that many, can be rigged. Ann Coulter has pointed out that this matter was the only mistake made by moderator Chris Berman, whose performance has been universally praised. He neglected to ask Hillary if she would accept the results. Democrats have a history of contesting them, especially at the state level. When propositions they favored failed to pass, they frequently turned to the courts to overturn the will of the people. And who will ever forget the spectacle of 2004 and the hanging chads? Yet all that will likely prove irrelevant. Even the coming dirt on Hillary's sex life - ugh! - is unlikely to change anything. The only surprising aspect is that she actually had sex with men. Some guys will nail anything that moves. I get the creeps thinking about it. I look away when I come upon pictures of her in the newspaper and online. People know what she is. Despite that, a significant majority believe she is more fit than Trump for the presidency. I disagree. I believe I just received an indication about the election's direction on Sean Hannity's radio program. Several weeks ago Coulter was brimming with confidence about the Donald's chances. Today she said she isn't sure who will win. Gamblers would call that a tell.

Here are two great stories from Yahoo's Odd News, edited by yours truly: Ally Bank is hoping to encourage Americans to look for opportunities to save through its "Lucky Penny" promotion, launched this week. The pennies are copper-colored like the genuine article, but feature the bank's logo instead of Abe Lincoln's head. The flip side lists its value at 100,000 cents. The pennies have been placed in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Miami, Denver, Detroit, San Diego, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Austin, Texas. The coins can be redeemed online until the end of the year... A couple shopping at a store in the Finger Lakes region found around $9,800 in an envelope Monday morning, along with a checkbook. The two turned it over to staff and left without giving their names. A local restaurant owner called the store saying she'd put a week's worth of her restaurant's receipts in the envelope and mistakenly left it in a cart. The woman would like to find and reward the couple, whose honesty automatically bars them from running for political office.

When NYC mayor Bill de Blasio took office in 2014, there were 50,689 people in homeless shelters. There are now 60,017. Leftists see this as progress.

My thanks to the kind folks who bought books today, especially, Barry Spunt, author of Heroin and Music in NYC, who purchased historian Alfred Kazin's New York Jew.
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