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Monday, October 10, 2016

The Writer's Life 10/10 - The Task

The mainstream media has declared the presidential race finished. Robert DeNiro has made a video excoriating Trump, saying he would like to punch the Donald in the face. The left continues to pile on, helped by certain Republicans as well. For a long time I referred to myself as a Republican. I regret it. When surveys ask I now say Independent. Of course, I lean right, and I would never be ashamed to say it. By the accounts I read in today's NY Post, Trump fared much better in the debate last night, finally getting around to issues, which Democrats do not want to discuss because polls show a strong majority of voters believe the country in on the wrong track, and Hillary is offering more of Obama's policies. Long before the race began I doubted the Republican candidate would win. The demographics nationally fall the Democrats' way. California and New York, huge states with large electoral counts, are a lock to go left. Only Texas seems that way for the GOP. At times it seemed Trump changed the formula because of his populist appeal across the board. He's the only one among the 17 GOP candidates that seemed capable of changing the support ratio at the national level. Still, he faces long odds. He not only has to fight the efficient Clinton war machine but the mainstream media as well. The task seems impossible. For all Hillary's political incompetence, she heads a ruthless, expert campaign army. As soon as the latest batch of Wikileaks emails was released, the tape of Trump's lewd comments hit the press. I imagine other dirt will hit the airwaves before election day. I see only two ways Trump wins: he has support the polls are not showing, such as the speculation that some are ashamed to say they will vote for him, or a bombshell about Hillary even her standard bearers in the media will not be able to ignore. The latest stuff about her was simply more of the same. I doubt a single mind was changed. Right now she is winning the argument that she is more fit to be president than Donald Trump. I think she is one of the least fit in all of America, and Trump, though highly flawed, miles ahead of her.

My thanks to Lou, who bought a huge pictorial on evolution for his son, and to Conspiracy Guy, who purchased Tom Brokaw's Boom!: Voices of the Sixties. He was a little reluctant, having disliked The Greatest Generation. As a child of the 60's and ardent leftist, that is certainly understandable. Although I too grew up among the Woodstock generation, I do not share the nostalgia of many of my friends for it, despite the great music that came from that tumultuous era. I preferred the '80's.
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