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Monday, October 3, 2016

The Writer's Life 10/3 - Class & the Lack of

After 67 years in broadcasting, Vin Scully, 88, the voice of the Dodgers, has called his last game. He's a Bronx boy, educated at both Fordham Prep H.S. and Fordham University. His laid back, reportorial style has become rare. He was the epitome of class, never putting himself above the events on the field. His excellence was cited by many organizations, which bestowed rewards on him. He even served as the Grandmaster of The Tournament of Roses Parade. Chris Carter, creator of The X Files, named his female lead character, Dana Scully, after him. Curt Smith published a bio about him: Pull Up a Chair: The Vin Scully Story (2009). Scully signed off with these words: "I have said enough for a lifetime and for the last time I wish you a very pleasant good afternoon." Well done, sir. Thank you.

Kudos to the American Ryder Cup team, which drubbed its European counterparts this past weekend in the biannual event. Unfortunately, many fans behaved like yahoos, heckling the opposition, the antithesis of class. One is tempted to make a blanket comment about the decline of civilization that overstates the social climate of the era, but it sure does seem that boorishness is becoming more common.

 The biggest news of the weekend was Donald Trump's tax machinations, which were perfectly legal and employed by the wealthy, even Hillary Rodham Clinton. She utilized a $700,000 "loss" to avoid paying some taxes in 2015. Here's a pic of the line in her filing:
I expect HRC to remove this deduction and pay taxes on the amount - not!

Since there is a large Jewish presence in the usual places the floating book shop operates, I decided to try my luck in Park Slope today. 7th Avenue used to be a good spot to set up. I even occasionally sold one of my own books there. Something has changed. I lucked into the perfect parking space today, which enabled me to display all my wares. Best-selling authors were showcased prominently, as well as beautiful pictorials - and all I got were browsers until Francis showed. He is easily remembered because he has been my only customer the past three times I've done business in front of John Jay H.S.. He overpaid for one of those pictorials, The Epic of Man. My thanks. I will not return to that place unless there is a street fair at my other option in that allegedly most literate neighborhood in Brooklyn.
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