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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Writer's Life 10/11 - Sweet n Sour

More government madness: The NY City Council will discuss a bill that will ban the use of lions and tigers ("Oh, my!"), etc. in circuses, despite the fact that animals are already protected by federal, state and city laws. Jersey City is one of several municipalities that have already instituted such a ban. If circuses went out of business, I wouldn't even notice, but millions enjoy them, and a ban in a city the size of New York, which provides crucial revenue, might lead to their demise. How about putting it to a vote in a referendum?

My favorite recent post at Facebook is one that suggests that if Trump's lewd comments about Nancy O'Dell were put to a rap beat and issued as a recording, it would be hailed by the left. I do not post political stuff on my feed, but the temptation to has lately been hard to resist. I want Hillary to be defeated. I remind myself that I would be preaching to the converted or angering her supporters, and not likely to change the mind of anyone who is undecided. Of course, I write about politics in my blog, although I hate it, but that requires users to make the effort of clicking on the page and reading, so I don't feel as if I'm ambushing anyone with my views. I have, however, passed links to Clinton-bashing videos to politically-active friends, so I guess that makes me a hypocrite. My Facebook presence is twofold: I love staying in touch with friends and family, especially those I rarely see in the flesh, and I love being able to shamelessly promote my books for free. Although I don't know exactly how many of my sales come  directly from my activity on FB, I can confidently say it is my second best option after street sales.

From Yahoo's Odd News, edited by yours truly: Customers have been leaving web reviews criticizing Fat Cupcake in Oregon for its "Mr. President" pastry. The confection is described as an Oreo Cookie baked inside white cake with cookies n' cream buttercream. The owner, Anjelica Hayes, says she can't be racist, as she is black. The cupcake was named so because it was so good it should hold public office. She later found out President Barack Obama's favorite cookie was the Oreo. To avoid controversy Hayes has renamed the cupcake "the Professional." It remain's the store's most popular item.
I've become a fan of Opera -- the web portal, not the music. I downloaded it out of curiosity and find it a bit superior to Chrome. I no longer use IE or Firefox on my PC because they became infected with pop-ups and such when I downloaded MS Word more than a year ago. Chrome is fine except on pages that are loaded with ads. Opera has performed much better in that regard. And I've come to love how Favorites are displayed on it -- across the tool bar instead of a list that opens up. So far, I dislike only one aspect. When I finish a quiz at Sporcle and return to the start page, it goes back to the top rather than the point I recently left. That requires scrolling on a page loaded with ads and such. It stalls momentarily. How spoiled I've become. Anyone having trouble on an aging PC should give it a try. It downloads quickly but requires a restart to install.

My thanks to the kind folks who bought and donated books on this beautiful fall day.
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  1. Victor, I dislike Hilary as much as you do but we only have two people to vote for and although I hate to say it Mrs. Clinton has to be it. :-(

    1. Thanks for reading. I respectfully disagree. All the best from Brooklyn.