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Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Writer's Life 10/30 - Good Stuff

The NY Post is chock full of good stuff today. A blurb reveals how banks these days profit enormously from a shady procedure. Overdrafts on debit cards average $24 or less and most are paid within three days. The fee is $34. Annualized. that's a lending rate of 17,000%. How is it legal?... Emma Marano of Verbania, Italy is the world's oldest woman, 117. For 95 years she has been consuming three eggs per day, She says: "...and cookies. But I do not eat much because I have no teeth." Her Doctor says she eats very little fruits and vegetables. She is a genetic marvel, like her mom, who lived to 91, and two sisters who also cracked the 100 mark... South Hampton Hospital in Long Island has instituted a ban on political arguments for cardio-rehab patients using their gym. Given what I hear on the street, wise decision... During intermission of an opera at the Met, a Dallas man scattered the ashes of a friend in the orchestra pit. The rest of the show was canceled and NYPD counter-terrorism personnel were summoned. Police aren't sure what to charge the guy with. If audience members don't get at least a partial refund, they should band together in a class action suit to teach the jerk a lesson... Michael Ramirez has won a Pulitzer for Editorial Cartooning. Here's another brilliant one, at once timely, intelligent and funny:

And in more important matters, here's Brazilian beauty Alessandra Ambrosio in Halloween garb as Jessica Rabbit:

The topsy turvy election has made another turn. Weeks ago FBI Director James Comey was hailed by the left and excoriated by the right for his decision not to pursue action on Hillary's email scandal. Having reversed course in light of the release of the emails of Anthony Weiner and his wife, Clinton confidant Huma Abedin, he is now a pariah to Democrats and a hero to Republicans. The late playwright Samuel Beckett would have had great material for an addition to his theater of the absurd. What will happen next?

Not much action at the floating book shop today in Park Slope. My thanks to the woman who bought a science pictorial on climate and Art Through the Ages, a text book copyrighted in 1934; and to the woman who purchased the book on controlling sugar consumption.
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