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Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Writer's Life 10/6 - Pennies for Your Thoughts

Time travel is a common theme in network TV fare this season. The Flash is continually monkeying with time lines, trying to get things straight. Also on the WB, Frequency debuted last night. It's based on the endearing 2000 film in which Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel play father and son communicating by ham radio. The father is deceased. Of course, in this era of forced diversity, the series lead is played by a female, Peyton List, who has 33 credits listed at IMDb. Fortunately, it does not detract from the story. Riley Smith, 74 credits, plays the dad. Episode one was solid. It aired at nine, so I didn't fall asleep as I did halfway through the premiere of Timeless on NBC, which aired at ten on Monday,

From Yahoo Sports, edited by yours truly: "An organization known for its tone-deaf decision-making, the NCAA has again outdone itself. It has reportedly denied immediate eligibility to a decorated U.S. Army veteran because of a 2011 high school transcript that no longer accurately reflects the caliber of student he is. Isaiah Brock is a Baltimore native who enlisted in the military in 2012 because he believed it was his best means of escaping his hardscrabble neighborhood. He served four years in the Army including six-month stints in Kuwait and Afghanistan." There are so many phony "student" athletes on campuses across the country. Why come down on a guy whose service taught him so much? Let him play.

According to a blurb accompanying an article about the subject, there are more than 12,000 licensed psychologists in NYC, the second most by state. California leads. Is anyone surprised?

I read about the following in today's NY Post, which led me to for the picture: "A North Carolina man is turning heads everywhere he goes. Larry Hall has a 2000 Chevrolet Blazer that he covered with pennies – 51,300 to be exact. Although some occasionally fall off, he glues them back on. He says: “I had to put them on one-by-one and it took about seven weeks and six or seven hours a day. It took 80 tubes of silicone glue and three gallons of fiberglass boat glue.” No word on whether he plans to do his house next.

My thanks to the kind folks who bought books on this beautiful Autumn day.
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