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Monday, June 5, 2017

The Writer's Life 6/5 - A Robot & Luck

Science fiction continues to meet the real world. The world's first robocop has been unveiled in Dubai and will be patrolling streets from tomorrow onward. Here are snippets from an article at The five-feet-five tall robot can read facial expressions and will be used by the public to report crime and pay traffic fines. There's a touchscreen on its chest which people can use. It also has a microphone which feeds directly to the Dubai Police call centers. By 2030, authorities expect to have the first smart police station, which won't require human employees. Here's a still:

And here's a two-minute clip of the robot's introduction at a recent expo:

From a Forbes magazine article, edited by yours truly: A Tennessee man came into a bit of unbelievable luck. While rummaging through his 90-year-old aunt's attic, he found boxes of early 1960's Topps and Fleer football cards, 1959 Fleer Ted Williams cards, and many other sealed packs. For more than a half century, his recently deceased uncle had kept the treasure untouched in a Stroh’s beer box almost as old as the cards themselves. One box is particularly valuable - 1948 Bowman, worth $500,000. The entire collection may well top $1 million. Here's an example of a Bowman, a brand I don't recall having ever seen:

According to Variety, Al Pacino will play legendary Penn State coach Joe Paterno in an HBO movie directed by Barry Levinson about the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal. Great casting, but I have no interest in viewing a rehash of that ugly episode.

I expected the floating book shop to be rained out today, so it was a great session even though the return was modest. My thanks to the woman who bought a work of non-fiction titled Schmooze, on which I was unable to find any info on the web; to the gentleman who purchased the English-Russian dictionary; and to the young man who picked up The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents by Terry Pratchett, and As Summers Die by Winston Groom, published six years before his breakout with Forrest Gump. And, while I was out there, the most favorable parking spot was vacated. I wasn't as lucky as the guy who found the rare cards, but blessed nonetheless.
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