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Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Writer's Life 6/18 - Personages

For the first time in a while the Sunday NY Post is chock full of interesting items. Here's a summary of a few: Larry Getlen devotes his article to a new book: The Invention of Celebrity by Antoine Lilti. He cites four historic personages who were as wildly popular as the stars of the present. Artists capitalized on the popularity of Voltaire (1694-1778), the subject of countless paintings showing him doing everyday things such as drinking coffee - and the buying public ate them up. A French chocolatier made an item called "Bonbons ala Washington" in honor of America's first president. Medallions were minted with the image of Benjamin Franklin, of which he told his daughter: "... made your father's face as well known as that of the moon." Marie Antoinette was the subject of explicit erotic fan fiction... Nick Poppy's piece introduced a name completely unfamiliar to me - Georgia Tann. As head of the Tennessee Children's Home Society she was responsible for the abduction of an estimated 5000 white babies, many of them blue-eyed blonds, which were sold to well-to-do families. She collaborated with doctors and nurses. It is the subject of a new book by Lisa Wingate: Before We Were Young... Continuing on the path of there one day being an app for everything, Kevin Sebili, a young Brooklynite frustrated by the failure of his friends to show up for pick up basketball games, has created Flakex to attract the attention of anyone interested in some roundball. It was named in honor of his unreliable friends.

There was no action at the floating book shop until I began packing up. I wasn't surprised, given that it's Father's Day and folks are spending on gifts or visiting. My thanks to the elderly woman who bought two thrillers in Russian, to the middle age one who purchased a collection of women's writing about mothers, and to the ever gregarious Carmine, who said he owed me a dollar. It had been months since I'd seen him and I'd forgotten about it. My thanks also to Mr. Conspiracy, local super Mayor Mike, and B.S. Bob, who stopped to chat. Bob said talk of the financials has begun regarding his screenplay, Christmas 1945. Not many writers get that far when it comes to the movie business. Kudos.

Thanks for everything, Dad:

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