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Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Writer's Life 6/25 - The Shaft & More

From Yahoo's Odd News, edited by yours truly: Activists are collecting money to repair a penis-shaped rock formation in southern Norway after the popular tourist attraction was found badly damaged. Joggers discovered that the Trollpikken rock formation had cracked and noted holes drilled into the rock — which experts believe suggests vandalism. So far more than 500 people have donated nearly 90,000 Norwegian kroner ($10,600). Why would anyone give this thing the shaft? Here's a pic:

From Yahoo Sports, edited by yt: The Oakland A’s made history yesterday, becoming the first MLB team to have three different players hit their first career home run in the same game. Rookies Matt Olson, Jaycob Brugman and Franklin Barreto all went deep against White Sox starter James Shields, who reached a milestone of his own, despite the 10-2 loss - his 2000th career strikeout. I guess those three hitters gave Shields the shaft... Also in baseball, future hall of famer Ichiro Suzuki, 43, is now the oldest man ever to have started a game in centerfield.

Pop quiz: Who wrote these 1930's lyrics? "You thrill and fill this heart of mine, with gladness like a soothing symphony, over the air, you gently float, and in my soul, you strike a note."It's from a song titled Humoresque by none other than Al Capone. The handwritten copy sold at auction yesterday for $18,750. Who knew Scarface was really a sentimental softy? I wonder if anyone will record it. (From an article in the NY Post, in my own words.)

I just looked at an email from designed to lure me into again becoming a paying member, as I was way back in 2007. It was once a good site but it has been made irrelevant by Facebook. Anyway, four former classmates from St. Mary's elementary have allegedly visited my profile and each selected a word to describe me: charming, sweet, athletic, kind. Shucks.

It looked like another day of brutal returns at the floating book shop. Since it was such a beautiful day and I was under a tree and a cool breeze was blowing from the direction of Gravesend Bay, I forced myself to stay an hour longer than usual. For the first 3:55 I sold only a book in Russian to an elderly woman, a regular customer. Fortunately, a Russian gentleman dropped off a cache of marketable books equally divided between his first language and English, and Monsey swapped a bunch of pictorials, including four on photoshopping, for a college lit tome, so it wasn't a complete waste of time. As I was packing up, another Russian woman bought a translation of The DaVinci Code, and a young mom overpaid for two young adult books. My thanks, folks.
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