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Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Writer's Life 6/22 - Short Shorts

In his op-ed piece in today's NY Post, Seth Lipsky suggests Donald Trump do what no president has done since Harry Truman in 1948 - order congress to forgo its August recess. He points out that Truman's approval rating at the time was even lower than Trump's is now, 36% compared to 38%. Do it, sir. It's what a true outsider would do.

A Post blurb informs that the CIA has fired several of its contractors, who rigged vending machines to surrender free food worth a total of $3314. How were they busted? Hidden surveillance cameras were set up in the break room. Watching the watchers, as is often said these days.

I chuckled when I came upon a friend's Facebook post regarding the special election in Georgia. He quoted a source from Fox News, who said Democrats "colluded" to spend $31 million on the race. Of course, Republicans "colluded" to spend $20 million. After winning in South Carolina, Republicans have swept all five of the special election races of 2017. I neglected one factor in the Georgia race. Trump carried that district by only two percent on election day. Karen Handel won by nearly five points. Does that indicate that approval of the President's job performance is rising in that district, where two years ago the Republican won by 19%? Does it even matter when circumstances can change so quickly?

Boys at a British high school in the city of Exeter have found a novel way around strict uniform rules banning shorts, as the country sweltered through a heatwave that has now ended. They donned skirts instead of officially mandated gray slacks. None was punished. Meanwhile, in the western French city of Nantes, male bus drivers reportedly wore skirts this week to protest the fact that they are not allowed to wear shorts. I know the school might not be air-conditioned, but aren't the buses? Couldn't the drivers change from shorts to work pants just before beginning a shift?

My thanks to Romanian born artist Andu, who plans to make a collage of the pictures in the the 75th Anniversary pictorial of Time magazine he bought today. My thanks also to the middle age woman who purchased a thriller in Russian, and to the one who bought four romance novels, and to the two women who donated a slew of paperbacks. Here's one of Andu's creations:

Vic's Sixth novel: 
Vic's Short Works:

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