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Friday, June 23, 2017

The Writer's Life 6/23 - Pressed

Think your Iphone costs a lot? Get a load of this one:

It was created by Alchemist London, which specializes in adding designer gold and jeweled cases to laptop computers, tablets and smart phones. It claims this is the world's most expensive iPhone, worth a cool million. Only two exist.

In an op-ed piece in today's NY Post, Charles Gasparino renders an opinion on why the stock market keeps climbing despite the weak economy. My view is that there is nowhere else to get a decent return, so investors keep pouring money into it. I'd not heard one of the reasons Gasparino gave, but it makes a lot of sense. In 1996 there were about 800 stocks listed. Today there are about 400. With less options, more dough goes to the high quality stocks such as Apple, Netflix, etc, which drive the market.

I have no idea if the Republican health care bill, if passed, will begin to correct the brutal costs people are paying. I am naturally skeptical of plans drafted by politicians. I am happy the individual mandate will be eliminated. I find it disgraceful, wholly un-American. I did not see any mention in the Post of consumers being allowed to cross state lines to purchase insurance, although I thought I heard on Hannity that it was part of the bill. It is essential. Competition has always led to lower costs. One sign I'll use to gauge the bill will be the reaction of the conservative wing of Congress. If those folks are not happy, it will indicate that it's just more of the same.

RIP Bronx boy Gabe Pressman, 93, longtime local reporter for NBC in NYC. His career spanned 60 years. During World War II he served in the U.S. Navy from 1943–46, taking part in the Philippines campaign, serving as a communications officer aboard a submarine chaser. After earning a Master's from Columbia in 1947, he worked for short period for the Newark Evening News. Columbia awarded him a Pulitzer Traveling Fellowship, and he spent the next 15 months in Europe as a freelance journalist, contributing feature stories for various outlets. He was a pioneer of TV news and has been credited as the first reporter to have left the studio for on-the-scene reporting at major events. Along the way he won a Peabody Award and 11 Emmys. He was an icon. Well done, sir. (Facts from Wiki)

My thanks to Kinesha, who bought two more paperback thrillers, and to Susan, who purchased non-fiction on domestic violence and finding one's purpose in life; and also to the gentleman who purchased a hardcover in Russian. The humidity was high, although I dared not complain, as one of the men working on the refacing of the huge apartment building surrounding my nook passed countless times, pushing a wheelbarrow filled with bricks to a dumpster. I timed one of his runs. It was less than five minutes - and he was a skinny guy. I hope his boss appreciates how hard he works. I was embarrassed by my own work "load," standing there like an idiot hoping people will buy books.
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