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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Writer's Life 6/21 - Relief

What is to be gleaned from the result of the special election in Georgia, won by Republican Karen Handel? The Democrats poured a record $30 million into capturing the seat, which is in a heavily Republican district. I suspect they will focus on the fact that the margin was 19% lower than in 2016, that they are gaining ground. The right should be happy, but it would be wrong to gloat, despite its 4-0 record in such elections since President Trump took office. The country is in flux and power will be determined by performance. If the economy continues to stall, few politicians will be safe, especially the commander in chief.

A blurb in the NY Post informs that the NY state senate is preparing a bill that will allow those drivers unsure of gender identity to select X. Oregon is the only state to have done it so far. One wonders if other categories will be added.

Modern love: A Brooklyn woman participates in a three-way and freaks out when the resident of the apartment starts filming. She flees and calls her boyfriend, who was not part of the menage a trois. He kills the would-be auteur. Now the story is in the popular NY Post and most likely other sources as well. She has brought the exposure she wanted to avoid onto herself. Writers love irony.

In his eighth big league season, Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen is on a phenomenal tear. Check out these numbers: 15 saves in 15 opportunities, 4-0 record; 29 2/3 innings pitched, 17 hits, 0.91 ERA; 50 strikeouts, 0 walks; 15.2 strikeouts per nine innings; .160 batting average against; 107 batters faced, only six three-ball counts; one immaculate inning – three batters, three strikeouts, nine pitches. Are you kidding me? Awesome, dude.

Three months ago I was told I was at risk for glaucoma. Since then I've been using prescription eye drops each night before bed. I went for a check up this morning and received excellent news. My numbers have returned to near normal. Last time they were 25, 26. Today they were 17, 18. Normal is 15.16. I was so relieved. Now I can stop worrying about going blind, at least until the next visit in October. One of my main concerns was not being able to get the last three of my manuscripts into print. I plan to self-publish one in each of the next three Januaries. I had a hop in my step upon leaving the office.

My thanks to the sweet elderly woman who donated six books in Russian and insisted on paying for the six she selected from me. My thanks also to Ira, who purchased the Beverly Sills bio titled after her pet name - Bubbles.
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