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Monday, August 1, 2016

The Writer's Life 8/1 - Down & Dirty

There are more Melania pics, with a lesbian bent this time, in today's NY Post. So far, The Donald and his staff are handling it wisely. The gaffe that may linger is the exchange of words with Khizir Khan, father of a Medal of Honor winner killed in action in Iraq. The mainstream media has already given him more coverage than they did Pat Smith, mother of one of the men killed in Benghazi. There is irony here, as Trump is on record as having opposed the war, while Hillary voted for it. Her team seems desperate, as she did not get the expected bounce from the DNC. Several million more viewers watched Trump's acceptance speech than hers. Polls have them neck and neck. And now Julian Assange, once the darling of leftists, is promising a release of emails that will lead to Hillary's arrest. Let's see how the mainstream media spins that.

A London bar owner believes electronic devices have hurt business. He has installed a jamming device to block cell signals in order to get his customers to socialize. Kudos.

Venezuela's President Maduro has issued an executive decree that forces workers to toil 60 days growing food. Under Hugo Chavez, agriculture was neglected in favor of crude oil. Now that the price of oil has come way down, the country no longer has the funds to purchase food from other nations. Advocates of socialism will no doubt argue that the wrong socialists are in charge.

The Yankees have been admirably decisive, trading two excellent relievers, Aroldis Chapman and Andrew Miller, and OF Carlos Beltran for promising prospects. Management is thinking long term again.

All four 2016 golf majors were won by different men. I don't suffer from Tiger Woods nostalgia, but the current state of the game shows how remarkable his long run at the top was. I don't see any other player doing that. Last year's sensation, Jordan Spieth, has returned to the pack. Ireland's Rory McIlroy didn't even make the cut at the PGA Championship. Australian Jason Day is a great player, but not likely to win a ton of majors. His eagle at 18 yesterday was awesome, really putting the pressure on Jimmy Walker, a Texan, who responded beautifully, winning his first major. Congrats. sir.

When a gentleman gave the me the full set of the Twilight series, I experienced mixed emotions. I've sold at least five through the years, but I wondered if it continued to have staying power. A while later a young woman noticed them and alerted who I assume was her dad, who asked how much. "All four for five bucks," I said. The girl's eyes spread with joy. I love smart shoppers. My thanks, and to the donor. If not for him, the floating book shop would have begun August with no sales, which happened too often in July. I also had the chance to thank Roberto, the super of the building where I set up shop, for never having complained about my presence. I let him take as many of the Latino vinyl albums I had on display as his heart desired.
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