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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Writer's Life 8/16 - Supplementary

The following items were gleaned from today's NY Post: The Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank founded by the Charles Koch Foundation, has produced a study on freedom by state. The five least free are New York, California, Hawaii, New Jersey and Maryland. The five freest are: New Hampshire, Alaska, Oklahoma, Indiana and South Dakota. The right to bear arms weighed heavily on the results... Approximately 70% of ISIS recruits have only a basic knowledge of Sharia law. They are boning up with the aid of two books: The Koran for Dummies and Islam for Dummies. I'm not making that up. Check it out here:

Many things become strenuous during a heat wave. Guitar playing has never been easy for me, but it's even more difficult when it's hot and muggy. One day I decided to sit directly in line with the flow of the fan, which I'd thought would disrupt the sound. If there has been any disruption, my ear is not good enough to detect it, and the move has made playing no more difficult than it is when the weather is perfect. Duh!

Life expectancy keeps rising and, with it, health paranoia. These days I'm taking 10 vitamins or supplements and one prescription drug: C, D (don't remember why), Calcium (bone health, although Colagen is more effective but ridiculously expensive in its most effective form), Potassium (cholesterol), Fish Oil (cholesterol), Lutein (eyes), Probiotics (digestion), Green Tea (memory and cancer fighting), Men's Edge and Maca Root (natural remedies to aid sexual function) and Enalapril (BP). I've been taking Lutein only three weeks and, if there's been any improvement in my eyesight, it's marginal. I don't know if C, D and Calcium are doing any good. Since my cholesterol level has been in line for several years. I assume the Potassium and Fish Oil have helped. I think Green Tea has restored some of my sharpness mentality, but I often wonder if I'm fooling myself in that regard. The Men's Health and Maca Root, purchased at Invite Health, are the real deal, although I wonder if they are responsible for the spike in my BP -- or if the rise is simply age related. There are trades off in everything, and that's one I'd gladly make, at least for now. The BP med knocked eleven points off my bottom number, none off the top. Lastly, given my increased number two activity of late, I'd say the Probiotics is working.

My thanks to the two local porters who donated books today, and to Herbie, who made a swap of one thriller for another; and to the woman who keeps donating mostly celebrity bios, five of which sold today: Liz, Christopher Reeve, Charlie Chaplin, one on Kate and Spencer, and a special People pictorial on Kate. A colorful work on roses also went. The most fluky sale of the session occurred as I was setting up. I dropped Rhonda Byrne's wildly popular self-help classic, The Secret, which an eagle-eyed middle age woman spotted in passing. My thanks to the kind folks who bought. I also witnessed a meter maid guy, walking in the street five feet from the curb, get buzzed by a fancy speeding car. It missed him by a foot and I'm sure it was intentional. I'd bet the thought has crossed the mind of many drivers.
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