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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Writer's Life 8/17 - Fast Takes

The following was in the Fast Take column in today's NY Post: "American Special Forces are on the ground in four civil wars, five counting Afghanistan. But because these wars would be unpopular if they were put before Congress, the American people are simply not consulted." I understand that such moves are necessary. What I object to is the way the mainstream media looks the other way when they are conducted by Democrats.

Donald Trump, reading comfortably from a teleprompter, delivered great speeches on consecutive days, one on security, the other on the difficulties of urban communities under the rule of Democrats for decades. The mainstream media has chosen to ignore them and concentrate on the additions Trump has made to his campaign staff, spinning it as desperation. Is this the turning point opponents of Hillary have awaited? Will Trump be able to stay on message and continue to cite the failures of the current administration? For the first time, I am optimistic about his chances. Of course, that may change tomorrow. The polls are narrowing, but still favor Hillary. She has been in the public eye for 30 years and still hasn't been able to attain the support of more than 40% of voters. Her rallies draw less than 50 people, Trump's attract thousands. Is that a truer measure of the race?

Okay, enough about politics. Here's an item that will make foodies salivate and busybodies irate -- Spam fries. It's simply the legendary product cut into thin strips and cooked three minutes in peanut oil. Oh to be young and able to indulge in such culinary delicacies! Every time I hear the word Spam I'm tempted to break into the Viking's chant in that silly Monty Python sketch: "Spam Spam, Spam Spam, Spam Spam!" Here's a link to it: Warning -- if you have no appetite for over the top nonsense, skip it.
 It looked like it would be a day of zero returns for the floating book shop until the final moments when a woman bought two romance novels in Russian that another woman had just donated. Spasibo, ladies. My thanks also to Occupy Jack, who a moment later bought a book on combating the bad news constantly aired by the media. He boasted of having been banned from a website where he had posted an essay on nationalizing the press and having the likes of Rupert Murdoch and George Stephanopolous jailed. Sounds a lot like Venezuela. He hit both sides but fails to recognize Hillary and the mainstream media pretty much want what he wants.
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