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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Writer's Life 8/3 - Devilish Doings

According to an article in today's NY Post, satanists want to be allowed to create after-school programs for elementary school kids. A member said: "Evangelical after-school clubs created a need for us to be there. They're sending children the message that they'll burn in hell or be tortured for eternity... But this program teaches kids you can embrace the iconography of Satan and still lead a moral life." Is anyone surprised by this? Wouldn't this fall under the inclusiveness preached by liberals? Maybe they can get Jon Lovitz -- in costume -- to head one of the venues. "Worship me! Obey me!"

The mainstream media went ballistic yesterday when Donald Trump accepted a Purple Heart from an appreciative veteran. This morning talk show host Mark Simone wondered if the reaction would have been any different if Trump had declined the gift, a logic so crystalline I'm embarrassed it hadn't occurred to me. Every time I've considered abandoning Trump to support libertarian Gary Johnson, I'm reminded why I should remain in Trump's camp by those speaking out against him. Rob Reiner is the latest. Hillary cannot run on her appalling record, or Obama's, so the left must attack Trump as dangerous and unfit.

There were a couple of eye-opening numbers in today's Post: Aetna expects to lose more than $300 million dollars on its 900,000 customers enrolled in Obamacare... And the average pension for fireman and officials who retired from the department last year will average $119,866. It is a world of fiscal insanity.

A woman who has donated more than a hundred books to the floating book shop came through again today, hauling a slew of non-fiction, including celebrity bios and pictorials -- nothing on Beelzebub, though. A beautiful collection of Norman Rockwell's work was the first to sell. My thanks, and to the kind folks that made other purchases. The most interesting sale was a book on basic sewing, which was bought by Ira, a retired tailor. I haven't sold a single work of fiction the past two sessions, despite impressive inventory. Fortunately, people love books about the rich and famous, which almost guarantees buys right now.
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