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Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Writer's Life 8/11 - Tricks

Each of the following items was gleaned from today's NY Post, and pared and edited by yours truly: In his gossip column, Richard Johnson cites an anecdote from former day time talk show host Bill Boggs. When Richard Nixon appeared on the show, a piece of his shirt was sticking out of his fly. Boggs led him off-stage to remedy the matter and the President said: "Mr. Boggs, you must be a Republican, because a Democrat would have let me go out there and be 'Tricky Dick Nixon.'"... In an op-ed piece, Michelle Malkin takes the state of Colorado to task for subsidizing a Hollywood production. A romantic comedy starring Robert Redford and Jane Fonda will begin shooting shortly. Politicians are forking over $1.5 million, arguing the film will bring great publicity. Malkin points out that the estimated net worth of Redford is $170 million, Fonda $120 million... Socialist Bernie Sanders has purchased his third house, adding a $600,000 place on Lake Champlain to homes in Vermont and DC... In Chicago this past Monday, 19 people were shot, nine fatally.

NYC is in the midst of another lengthy heat wave, the second this summer. The index is supposed to surpass 100 tomorrow. 66, I find the extremes harder to handle each year. I'm running the fan much more often than ever. In the past, the only time I'd use the A/C in the car was on the highway. Today I had it on during a 25-minute wait for the alternate side regulation to expire. I'm drinking more fluids than ever. I'm actually looking forward to a usually dreaded drive to Jersey on Saturday, even though I will be forgoing the floating book shop. It will provide a break from the brutal weather and allow me to rest up. My niece's house is usually an ice box. I doubt I'll be spending any time in the backyard. Today I made the dumb mistake of promising a girl who wants to donate books that I will be on the job tomorrow. I hope she comes early so that I can bail if conditions are too much. My thanks to the woman who made today's lunacy pay off by buying bios on Barbra Streisand and Tony Bennett, and to the gentleman who donated a 2015 hardcover thriller, which I was glad to let go to Herbie, who has given me so many books.
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