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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Writer's Life 8/9 - Bowled Over

Donald Trump's speech on his economic proposals hit just about all the conservative talking points. In fact, it was probably too broad. I'd be very happy if he accomplished only three issues: reducing the corporate tax rate, which is the highest in the world; getting the Keystone Pipeline built and keeping coal mines running for the foreseeable future; and repealing Obamacare. One day coal may be made obsolete by efficient, cost-effective alternative forms of energy, but that day has not arrived. And, when/if that possibility becomes real, the industry should be given at least ten years notice so that all employees will be able to prepare. Also on Trump: Talk radio host Mark Simone is a big fan of the Donald. He raised two issues today. He challenged listeners to search for negative comments the candidate directed toward the Khans. Simone claims there was only one -- when Trump questioned why the wife said nothing -- and even that isn't exactly negative, especially compared to what Khan said about him: "Black soul etc.." The second involves an apology the woman with the crying baby wrote to Trump. She believes the media used her to its own ends. She actually returned to the hall minutes after a pacifier had quieted the baby. She is voting for Trump. I'm embarrassed I took the issues at face value originally.

In 2015 the number of billionaires rose 6.4%. There are 2473 worldwide, one in every 2.95 million people. The ratio of men to women is 8.4 to 1.

From the Weird But True column in today's NY Post, re-worded by yours truly: There are signs in public restrooms in Rio that proclaim there is to be no fishing in toilets. They carry a stick image of a fisherman with a line extended into a john. Maybe it should be made into an Olympic sport.

Last night in Miami, Giants' SS Brandon Crawford went 7-8 in a 14-inning game won by San Fran'. 8-7. He drove in the game-winning run. Believe it or not, that is not the record for an extra inning game. In 1932 Cleveland's Johnny Burnett had nine in 18 innings. The Pirates' Rennie Stennett holds the record for a nine-inning game, seven in 1975.

The lady who has been giving me celebrity tomes showed up a day early, and Ira purchased works on Sammy Davis Jr., Ann Margaret, Lauren Bacall, and the old Hollywood. My thanks, and to the woman who scooped up the last of the pictorials from yesterday's haul -- on Marilyn Monroe and Impressionists. Not a single work of fiction sold, which has been the trend lately.
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