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Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Writer's Life 8/25 - Droning On

According to an article at Yahoo News, aviation authorities in the United States, Britain, Australia and New Zealand have been relaxing rules to allow air deliveries. Last month 7-Eleven conducted the first single commercial drone delivery -- coffee, donuts and a chicken sandwich -- as part of a trial. Domino's conducted a demonstration pizza delivery by drone in Auckland, New Zealand on Thursday, and afterwards said it aimed to be the first company to launch regular drone service later this year. If a freshly-baked pizza's ingredients can be kept stable by this method, it would be a minor miracle. What if it's really windy? And what of the potential dangers of having many companies employing drone services? I've been wrong a million times in my life, and I hope I am again on this issue, as I love entrepreneurial innovation. Here's a pic of the trial run:

Hondo, the NY Post's baseball handicapper, includes droll commentary on society in his columns. Today he cited a friend who said President Obama would have been far more successful had he named Hillary Secretary of the Treasury rather than of State. Kudos.

The floating book shop received two massive donations today. The same kind middle age woman who has lavished me with marketable non-fiction each week for more than a month added to what I now call celebrity row with bios of Carol Burnett, Janet Leigh, Eddie Fisher, Ingrid Bergman and another on Bobby Darin. Barry Spunt, author of Heroin and Music in NYC, bought the one on Fisher, who had substance abuse problems. Minutes before I was about to close shop, a guy named Bruce showed up with two bags filled with mostly classics, the most impressive being a beautiful hardcover edition of Dracula. He doesn't read, but his wife does. I told him to pick out as many thrillers as she, to whom he was speaking on his cell phone, desired. He took four and chuckled, having expected only to get rid of, not gain books. My thanks to these kind folks, and to the woman who kicked off the session by buying two young adult works for her daughter, to the young man who selected one on improving brain function, to the guy who bought Life pictorials on old Hollywood and the Rat Pack, to the elderly woman who selected a Mary Higgins Clark mystery, and to the gentleman who was thrilled to get his hands on An Anthropologist on Mars. He would have preferred Oliver Sacks' more popular Awakenings but was happy nonetheless. He reads non-fiction exclusively and revealed a secret -- his battle with obsessive-compulsive disorder. As soon as he left, a young woman struck up a conversation. I showed her my seven books and she said she was writing a sci-fi novel, working with a friend-illustrator. I told her about Create Space, how she can publish the book there for free. She thanked me and left with a hop in her step. As soon as I was alone I started rearranging the books, putting aside the less commercial, replacing them with those I believe will sell faster. The standard size paperback classics were easily incorporated. The larger will have to wait until tomorrow. Since the car was nearby, I was able to display seven containers worth of wares, three of which I placed on the back seat, as there is no more room in the trunk. It's a good problem to have.
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