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Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Writer's Life 7/31 - Interesting Women

Last night MeTV, 33 on Cablevision in NYC, ran Captive Wild Woman (1943) on its Svengoolie program. Running only 61 minutes in glorious black in white, it features a cast of Hollywood stalwarts: John Carradine, Milburn Stone, Evelyn Ankers, Lloyd Corrigan, Paul Fix and Martha Vickers, whose life was cut short by cancer at 46. The real star is an actress I'd never heard of -- Acquanetta, who appeared in only 11 films. Although she was born near Cheyenne, Wyoming, the child of an Arapaho mom and white dad, Universal Pictures billed her as The Venezuelan Volcano. In 1974 she wrote a book of poetry, The Audible Silence, on life, love and Indian jewelry. She married the owner of a car dealership, brought four sons into the world, and lived until the age of 83. Captive Wild Woman was directed by Edward Dmytrk, who would go on to helm one of the most highly regarded noirs, Crossfire (1947) and The Caine Mutiny, as well as more than 50 other movies. He was one of the Hollywood Ten, cited by Senator Joseph McCarthy as a communist. Dymytrk later renounced and denounced communism. As for the plot of CWW, it has Carradine turning Acquanetta from an ape into a beautiful woman. Trouble ensues when she develops violent, jealous feelings toward Ankers, whom she sees in a liplock with Stone. Here's a pic of her besides Carradine, who amassed an amazing 350 credits in a career that spanned 1930-1995:

Two items stood out in today's NY Post: U.S. home ownership rate is the lowest it's been since 1965... A female parolee, 59, was having trouble re-assimilating to civilian life. She went into a bank, handed a teller a note saying she had a gun, walked out with $16,300, and went into the parking lot and handed out cash, even throwing some into the air. She told the arresting officers: "I want to go back to jail." She faces a 20-year sentence.

It was inevitable. Nude photos of Melania Trump have been discovered. Several are featured in today's Post, stars covering what was referred to in Monty Python as "naughty bits." Will this hurt The Donald's chances? It will if he lets himself be baited into unfortunate remarks. If he plays it right, I think it might even help him. I hope he says something like: "Isn't she beautiful?"

The floating book shop was open only a few minutes today when the rain came. My thanks to the gentleman who bought Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations, originally published in 1776, required reading for economists and intellectuals. The day wasn't a total loss, as I received an email from RewardsTV stating that I've won the auction for a $20 gift certificate for Amazon. The past three months I was outbid on the final day. I now have $320 worth of GC's in the bank. My goal is $400. I will use them to buy copies of my eighth book, which I plan to self-publish in January.
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