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Monday, July 25, 2016

The Writer's Life 7/25 - Chaos

During the RNC the mainstream media frequently, gleefully described what it observed as chaos. How rich that the DNC is beginning under a cloud. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, as dedicated a socialist to the Democrats' cause as could be, has been given the boot for rigging the primary in favor of Hillary. This is news only to those who chose to look the other way. The spin some spokespersons are putting on it is amusing: the emails that prove Schultz's guilt were hacked and made public by Russians at the behest of Putin, who wants a Trump presidency. I think gaming the system was smart. The Clinton machine, as usual, has gotten away with it and, despite her myriad problems, Hillary still has a 50-50 chance of winning the White House. I doubt Sanders could have won the general election. I'll be surprised if Schultz does not work behind the scenes of the campaign. She is a valuable asset, completely ruthless. Now the question is how rowdy Bernie's followers will be. If the situation gets violent, the media can always blame Fox News. Which reminds me -- Roger Ailes has been forced out by Rupert Murdoch's sons, who for some reason dislike him. Ailes took FN from nowhere to the most powerful force in TV news. It has better ratings than all of the other cable news networks combined. Without FN, the entire industry would be going unchecked in lock step with the Democrats' agenda. Thank you, sir.

Recently, I noticed that my bank statement included a payment of .41 cents from Amazon. I haven't had any web sales for a couple of months, which is not the fault of Amazon, so the cash must be the result of "reads," customers perusing a few pages of any of my seven books. It's not much dough, but it's still neat, writer-friendly. My only quibble is that I've been unable to pinpoint, on the monthly statements, which books have been sampled. Also, this past week I was prompted to register my books for payments in foreign markets. I did so in order to put an end to the emails, not because I expected any royalties from overseas. Well, I was just notified that I'll be receiving payment for at least one sale each in the UK and Japan. I doubt the person is a Japanese native. Maybe it's a Yank working there. Sales of my books are pathetic overall, but I appreciate this business model. Hail, Amazon.

If the forecast is right, there will be no relief from the intense heat until Friday. Today I wanted a parking spot on Bay Parkway between 84th & 83rd St., where there are several trees and there is no meter requirement. It's not as good as being in front of the Chase bank, but the weather is forcing concessions. My thanks to the teenage girl who purchased Mary Kubica's best-selling thriller, The Good Girl, which 3300+ users at Amazon have rated 4.2 out of five stars. Herbie, who donated the novel to the cause, likens it to Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl. He claims the end is boffo.
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