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Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Writer's Life 7/28 - Miscreants

Given what occurs daily around the world, which is dispersed so quickly by satellites and the WWW, it's hard to be surprised by what some human beings do. Still, sometimes... A 45-year-old guy in Georgia should have been spending the rest of his life on easy street after winning three million on a scratch off lottery ticket. He could have deposited the money and let it accumulate interest, which, granted, is paltry these days -- but it would have been interest on three million! So what did he do? He invested a large portion of the funds on buying and selling crystal meth. The Feds seized a million bucks worth of the drug from his home, and weapons and ammo, cars, and $600,000 in cash. I hope he has some dough left over for lawyers. Liberals are looking into the root causes of his behavior.

If put to a vote, how many Americans would approve the release of John Hinckley from a psychiatric facility? His mom is 90. Let's hope he continues to take his meds.

A 23-year-old North Carolina man stole 970 venus flytraps plants from public lands. They are carnivores that pray on insects. What was he up to? Maybe he was planning a new production of Little Shop of Horrors. He will have the next 6-17 months to work on it.

A NYC gang of three has been busted for bank robberies in which they broke through rooftops. The FBI suspects they perpetrated 11 heists since 2009, and described the deeds as intricately planned and executed. The thieves netted millions in cash, jewelry and other valuables. They gambled and partied in Vegas and Miami. Perhaps prison psychiatrists will make them change their ways.

There's a rumor going around that there was a gathering of miscreants last night in the city of brotherly love. I saw only Palestinians waving their "country's" flag.

When I carried the first two crates over to my usual book nook, I immediately noted that someone had left a bag full of best sellers on the ledge of the garden that surrounds the apartment building. My thanks, whoever you are, and to Thirsty Dave, lead singer of the country swing band Desert Caravan, who brought me another bagful. And thanks to the kind folks who made purchases on what is hoped to be the last day of scorching heat for a while. The most surprising aspect of the session was that the celebrity row section was virtually ignored. The Latino vinyl albums again received rave reviews but no takers. I laughed when Eddie, one of the custodians of the Atlantic Towers complex, broke into song with an older woman after she had noted the discs.
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