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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Writer's Life 5/31 - Say Cheese

Bravo to comedian Kathy Griffin for continuing to showcase the current lunacy of the left. If you haven't heard, just google the dimwit's name. I'm sure her offense will come up.

This week in Gloucestshire in the southwest of England, a centuries old tradition took place - the Cooper Hill Cheese Rolling Contest. In it, a block of cheese is sent down the steep slope, and a bunch of nuts set off after it, many tumbling helplessly along the way. This year's winner was Chris Anderson, who has now won the event several times. Here's a three-minute clip of this hilarious bit of madness:  And here's a still. The winner is to the right of the man in black:

Anyone concerned about being tracked during search engine use has a new option - I don't know how it can stop tracking or even if it actually does, but someone mentioned it yesterday, and I checked it out. I entered my name in the box, and a thorough history was listed.

More trivia: Last night My9 in NYC aired The Unnatural, episode 19 from season six of The X-Files, written and directed by series star David Duchovny. In it, Jesse L. Martin plays Josh Exley, an alien enamored with baseball, playing for a negro league team. As he approaches 61 home runs, which would have bettered Babe Ruth's then standard, he receives death threats, and is assigned a police officer to protect him, played by Frederic Lehne. In a 2009 episode of The Mentalist, Lehne played Marshal Exley. Coincidence or tribute? Here's a pic from the first appearance:

It was one of those rare days at the floating book when almost every customer bought in bulk. My thanks to the kind folks who purchased books and DVD's, and to the woman who donated a bunch of books in Russian, and to Herbie, who donated a huge pictorial on the history of Broadway musicals. An elderly Russian woman bought seven novels in her native tongue. She rendered a glimpse of life in the Soviet Union. Today is the minor Jewish holiday of Shavuot. She did not even know of its existence while living in the USSR. She didn't even know what Kosher meant until she came to America.
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