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Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Writer's Life 5/25 - This n That

In his business column in today's NY Post, John Crudele warns of a new scam. Thieves are coating the inner lids of mailboxes with sticky substances to keep letters from sliding into the box. Letters are then taken and the contents stolen. Using a technique Crudele wouldn't explain in order to avoid helping other criminals-in-waiting, the crooks erase the name on checks and substitute their own. He phoned the US Postal Service over a three-day span but no one has gotten back to him. Thanks for the heads up, sir.

Yesterday Gary, a retired educator who always stops to chat at the floating book shop, asked for information on getting a book published. He has written 25 pages about his mom, a Polish immigrant. He's frustrated he can't produce more. He asked me to read the first two pages and render an opinion, even if I thought it sucked. I've read it twice. Although it needs polish, it doesn't suck. I've been fascinated by such stories ever since I one day realized how much moxie immigrants had in coming to a foreign country and rebuilding their lives virtually from scratch. It's something most of the young don't appreciate it. I'm ashamed that I took my parents move from Sicily for granted for so long. Anyway, in the piece, Gary points out something I'd never heard before. Many parents lied about the age of their children, citing them as older so that they would be able to go to work immediately to help support the family. Thanks for the insight, sir.

Yesterday I went to Quest Diagnostics for the annual blood and urine check. The nurse drew three vials from my left arm - the red stuff, not the yellow. About an hour later, while playing guitar, the arm tightened. I put the instrument aside after 15 minutes. That's the first time that's ever happened. Things were back to normal this morning. Getting old is no picnic.

Here's a touching anecdote I've neglected to mention. Earlier in the week an old timer who's donated books to my sidewalk shop and always stops to converse noticed the cover of a work of non-fiction, Till Death Do Us Part, which is actually about killer spouses. He said he and his wife inscribed that phrase on every greeting card they exchanged through the years. She passed away recently.

Attorney and author Jay Sekulow is sitting in for Sean Hannity today. He used a terrific term to describe opposition to President Trump: "Media Filibuster." Kudos.

Headlines are warning that 20 million Americans will be without health insurance if the current bill passes. How many will be without it if/when Obamacare collapses completely?

The floating book shop was rained out for the second time this week, and the forecast for tomorrow is not promising. Enough already.
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