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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Writer's Life 5/17 - Gaffs

Trump's presidency seems doomed. The combination of relentless media attacks, the self preservation of the business as usual swamp rats in congress, and his own gaffs seem insurmountable. He needs a big rally. He still has my support, as I favor almost all of his policies, but I'm preparing myself for disappointment, as I always do when it comes to politics. Radio talk show host Mark Simone, a personal friend of Trump and his biggest supporter, laughs off the current hysteria as simply more of what has been occurring since Trump announced he was running. The overwhelming consensus seems convinced the current crises are the beginning of the end.

According to an article in today's NY Post, nearly 20% of all medical liability payments in the USA occur in the state of New York.

Here are lost literary works compiled by, heavily edited by yours truly: According to Aristotle, Homer composed a third epic, the Margites. Its eponymous main character lacked the bravery of Achilles or the trickery of Odysseus. Rather, he was an idiot—as Plato put it. The greatest Greek philosophers were impressed by Homer’s dumb-guy humor, but no fragments survive... A 1598 list of Shakespeare’s works includes a comedy called Love’s Labour’s Won. Many scholars assumed it was an alternate title for The Taming of the Shrew, but a 1603 fragment, discovered much later, includes both. A similar mystery surrounds a play called Cardenio, which is believed to have been co-written by John Fletcher... Days after news of Lord Byron’s passing reached England, his autobiography was burned to save his family from scandal... After burning his nearly complete Dead Souls sequel, Gogol immediately regretted it and fell into deep despair, refusing all food until his death nine days later... Ernest Hemingway’s first wife left her luggage unattended on a train for a few seconds. A suitcase containing nearly all of his unpublished works was stolen. Included was a nearly complete novel based on his experiences in World War I... Sylvia Plath had typed some 130 pages of a second novel, tentatively titled Double Exposure, before her suicide. The manuscript disappeared around 1970. Many Plath supporters suspect her husband, Ted Hughes, destroyed it to keep his infidelities from coming to light.

My usual book nook has been taken out by a scaffold. Today I lined my wares along the monstrosity on the Avenue Z side. Pedestrians still had plenty of room to pass and I wasn't blocking the way any more than the structure was. And business was good. My thanks to the kind folks who made purchases. Unlike the past two days, only one sale was of a book in Russian. The rest were across a wide spectrum, including four classical CD's. Work has yet to begin on the apartment building, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to continue there. There is one huge benefit - it will provide plenty of shade on hot days.
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