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Friday, May 19, 2017

The Writer's Life 5/19 - X-Factor & More

Long ago, the early '70's, a college friend and I would use the term "the X-Factor" when words failed to describe our attraction to someone of the opposite gender. I've since extended it to celebrities who aren't drop dead gorgeous but whom the camera seems to love. Veteran actress Susan Blommaert fits the category to a T - or X. To my chagrin, there is hardly any biographical info on her on the web. Born in 1947, her first screen credit came in 1987, at or near the age of 40, in Forever Lulu. There are 64 credits listed under her name at IMDb, not counting multiple spots on popular TV fare. In appearance she seems a spinster librarian or judge, the latter of which she has played on 10 episodes of the Law & Order incarnations and eight of The Practice. I first noticed her when she scared the bejesus out of me on The X-Files in 1995, season two, episode 14, Die Hand Die Verletzt, "the hand that wounds" translated from German. In that she played a Satanist substitute teacher. Currently, she is superb as the chief nemesis, former confidante, of Raymond Reddington of The Blacklist. Here's a pic of this remarkable screen presence:

In an article in today's NY Post, Seth Lipsky asks why the mainstream media, which showed complete disregard for national security in publishing the leaks of Snowden and Assange, are now concerned that the President may have compromised that security. Kudos, sir.

And here's a shout out to Aerosmith. On Wednesday the band played a concert to 50,000 fans in Tel Aviv, sticking it to Roger Waters and all the rest who would have artists boycott Israel.

It was another hot one. My thanks to the kind folks who purchased books and CD's. Two gentlemen donated books. The first batch, a small one, included The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. The second provided a Russian translation of it.
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