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Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Writer's Life 5/11 - Craziness

I had a chuckle this morning reading a short article in the NY Post. Anyone in the metropolitan area has probably heard the radio ad for attorneys Cellino and Barnes, which concludes with a jingle I find annoying. After 30 years, Cellino is suing  Barnes to dissolve the partnership. Maybe he should jingle that... "How many lawyer jokes are there? One, the rest are true stories." - Thomas F. Shubnell, Greatest Jokes of the Century.

It looks like the left needs its own Joseph McCarthy to pursue the Trump-Russia collusion charge. Chuck Shumer, the most grating of hacks, seems like a natural for the position... “Politicians were mostly people who'd had too little morals and ethics to stay lawyers.” - George R.R. Martin, Ace in the Hole.

I really enjoyed last night's episode of Blindspot, which featured a simple story line and crisp action. I still can't get over how violent prime time network shows have become, and I'm amazed no one raises a voice against it, unlike in years past. And Blindspot airs at eight, as does Gotham, another ode to "a bit of the old ultraviolence," as Alex described it in Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange.

My regular book nook has been taken out of play, a scaffold put in place as the apartment building undergoes brick pointing and terrace reinforcement. I was hoping the crew would do the E. 13th Street side first, then the Avenue Z side. If the work goes as slowly as it did on the buildings up the block, it will take at least six months. I was expecting the impediment and went out early, spurred by a Plan B. I wanted to snag the lead spot on the left hand side of 13th while the alternate side regulation was still in effect, but someone beat me to it. Plan C was also foiled, as there were no open spots along the stretch between 13th and Homecrest Avenue. Plan D took me to my alternate site in the old neighborhood. I had to lug the four crates a half block. I left three large boxes, filled mostly with non-fiction in the car. Fortunately, the maneuvering and hard work paid off. My thanks to the woman who bought paperback thrillers by J.D. Robb, James Patterson and Janet Evanovich, to the elderly woman who purchased two books in Russian, to the gentleman who called his wife on his cell phone and then bought seven novels by Danielle Steel, and to the young woman who bought three by Nora Roberts and one by Steel. I was too tired to lug the wares back to the old Hyundai, so I put them beside a hydrant, drove up, and loaded the trunk there... "One person's craziness is another person's reality." - Tim Burton
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