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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Writer's Life 5/24 - Bonded

RIP Roger Moore, 89, the first of those who have portrayed James Bond to leave this earth. The son of a policeman, he always projected an air of debonair aristocracy. He played a lot more parts than 007. Early in his career, he had only modest success in films. IMDb has 96 credits listed under his name, not including multiple appearances on TV, where he began hitting his stride. He was in 37 episodes of Ivanhoe, 37 of The Alaskans, 16 of Maverick, 118 of The Saint, and 24 of The Persuaders before he signed on to play 007. In a fun bit of trivia, in a 1971 episode of The Persuaders a stolen briefcase is opened to find the original contents have been substituted with ten James Bond novels. Three of the visible titles became movies in which Moore would later star: Live and Let Die (1973), For Your Eyes Only (1981) and Octopussy (1983). In all, he played the master spy seven times. He spent time behind the camera as well, directing two episodes of The Persuaders and nine of The Saint. His last four big screen appearances will be released posthumously. He was famous for his self-deprecating wit. Here are two quotes attributed to him: "I was pretty, so pretty that actresses didn't want to work with me." "My acting range? Left eyebrow raised, right eyebrow raised." He was my least favorite Bond, but there's no denying he had a great career - and a lot of class. Kudos, sir. (Facts from IMDb)

Here's a troubling, though unsurprising stat from today's NY Post: Each year 80% of incoming freshman at Manhattan Community College are placed in remedial courses.

The floating book shop continued its run of good luck. My thanks to the woman who bought ten Susan Wiggs romances, to the elderly woman who bought five novels in Russian, and to the other kind folks who bought and donated books. The most interesting sale of the session was Pearl: The Obsessions and Passions of Janis Joplin: A Biography by Ellis Amburn, published in 1992. It was bought by Barry Spunt, author of Heroin and Music in NYC, professor at John Jay College. The inventory has again grown so large that I had to haul a large bag of books to the apartment. Many are obscure novels that may never sell.
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