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Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Writer's Life 6/9 - 900

In an article in today's NY Post, John Crudele riffs on Bill Clinton's election catchphrase of 1992: "It's the economy, stupid." Here are the three factors I found most alarming: Since 2009 the work force has shrunk by 14 million, the cost of healthcare has risen 150% faster than inflation, and median household income has fallen 6%.

Web jokers had a field day recently when Hillary made an address about income inequality while wearing a $12,000 Armani jacket. Post baseball handicapper Hondo wonders if Armani makes orange jumpsuits. Once again, kudos, sir.

I had an interesting experience at Twitter yesterday while posting a link to the blog, which was titled Confrontation. I included a still from the film Anger Management (2003), Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson in profile shouting at each other, foreheads pressed together, which seems perfect for the times. A message came up: "The following media may contain sensitive material." The photo did not appear. This manifests how overly sensitive society is becoming and how shoddy Twitter's internal censors are. I wasn't angry. After all, there was a tab there that allowed users to display the pic, and I appreciate the opportunity for shameless self-promotion the site has allowed me. I've posted thousands of ads for my books there for free since I've joined. Besides, I doubt more than an occasional hit comes from there. My blog averages about seven readers. I laugh every time I hear a Geico ad on streaming music channels that lampoons a woman who has exactly that same number. I had no problem with the post at Facebook, Google+ or Niume. The latter is separate from the others. I may have more readers there. If so, it hasn't led to an increase in book sales, which is what the endeavor is all about.

Given the stiff wind and unusually cool day, I wasn't optimistic about the floating book shop's prospects. Fortunately, that sense was proved wrong immediately. I hadn't seen Joe in at least two years. He was immediately drawn to Rising Star and purchased it. That brings the number of sales of my own books to 900, a hundred short of the goal I set years ago. The total includes Kindle downloads, but does not include the 30 or so web sales of Exchanges, which I have not been paid for and probably never will be. My thanks, young man, and also to Kinesha, aka Mrs. Eclectic, whom I haven't seen in months. She dispatched her daughter to the shop and communicated with her by cell phone. She bought two Joanne Fluke mysteries, one by Marie Force, and Jojo Moyes Me Before You, one of the hottest romance novels going right now, ranked #4 overall at Amazon. My thanks also to the woman who purchased a book on age-proofing the mind.
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