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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Writer's Life 6/8 - Confrontation

America's last stand against socialism is officially under way. Hillary is an undeclared socialist, her policies little different than those of Bernie Sanders. She would work more incrementally, perhaps, but her goals are the same. Even if she is indicted, which is highly unlikely despite her obvious guilt, she will probably stay in the race. Of course, there's no way of knowing where Trump's policies would lead. Although he has been making all the Republican talking points, especially when it comes to Supreme Court nominees, he might change upon assuming office, and he might be powerless to stop the majority of citizens from wanting even more from government. Sometimes it looks like the path to socialism is inevitable and always has been. The booming economies of the 80's and 90's merely fed the beast. Congress had more to spend and still rang up huge deficits except for one year when the internet bubble brought in record revenue. Americans must pray that more booms are in its future. That is all that will offset, at least to a manageable degree, the sins of its political class. Okay, candidates -- retreat to your corners and come out fighting.

Yesterday one of my frequent well-wishers, a woman fond of birds, mentioned the following story, another bizarre chapter in law, culled from the Fox News website, edited by yours truly: "A Michigan man’s wife is now a suspect in his murder, and a winged witness may have heard the dead man’s final plea. An African grey parrot might have overheard a man pleading before five bullets were pumped into him. The bird was heard saying “Don’t f------ shoot” in a video taken shortly after the man’s death. It’s unclear if police have seen this video or if the bird’s utterance is even admissible as evidence. The wife was found beside the man, a gunshot wound to her head. She has recovered and denies killing him." Does the ploy have a wing to stand on? The tale sounds like a natural for TV or cinema.

Mountain Man stopped by the floating book shop to schmooze. Minutes later Political Man arrived. I knew what was coming, although both are liberals, MM is as cynical as can be about politics and human beings while PM is a booster for all things Democrat. They quickly got into it, insulting each other. PM is following the media's lead in declaring Trump a racist, something he spouted to several passersby, as he is wont to do on all issues. He should record and play back his own comments about Russians. Anyone who believes Obama has been a good economic steward has a clear choice. Hillary will deliver more of the same. It is a mystery what Trump would do. I hope the confrontations that will take place remain verbal. Unfortunately, I suspect many of Sanders' supporters will not go quietly. They have already gotten physical with Trump voters. Will they be so foolish and selfish as to attack the backers of one of their own? I know Hillary and Bill have played the system for their own enrichment, but I believe she is a true believer when it comes to socialism, as Obama is.

Given the forecast, I opened up shop a half hour earlier than usual, and it paid off in a small way. My thanks to the local home attendant who bought four Debbie Macomber novels before the rains came. She loves romance in books and, believe it or not, prefers chop socky in film. As Art Linkletter used to say: "People are funny." My thanks.
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