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Monday, June 13, 2016

The Writer's Life 6/13 - In the Wake

Last night I dreamed of Godzilla and there's no doubt in my mind that the monster represented the menace that is terrorism. In light of the latest massacre by someone of the Muslim faith, passions are inflamed. It is tempting to blame the President and leftists for the latest abomination, especially in light of Obama's infuriating resistance to using the term "Islamic Terrorism." But this war began in 1979 when the hostages were taken in Iran. It was not Jimmy Carter's fault, although he bungled the ensuing situation. It was the fault of the perpetrators. Until the attack on the World Trade Center, many were in denial that there was/is a war going on. Some still are. Some blame U.S. policy for the actions of terrorists. Some blame Israel. I'm not qualified to suggest a course of action. This war will last long after I'm dead, and there will be victories and defeats, ups and downs, no matter who is in power. I believe Republicans would do a better job in this area, but I don't know that for sure. Unfortunately, I think the left has gone mad. Our young are facing a huge task. Couple the fight against terrorism with the heavy financial burden they are inheriting, and suddenly youth does not look rosy. They also will be shackled by political correctness for the foreseeable future, and educators who blame America for the world's ills instead of seeing it as the beacon of hope it has always been.

Was there any security at the door of the club? How was the creep able to enter and immediately begin to open fire? I didn't see anything about these aspects in the account I read. If anyone reading this knows the answer, please leave a note.

Such an event tends to taint all else in the world for days. It surfaces during moments of happiness, reminding that all is not well. The horrible fate of the victims and the pain inflicted on the families make everything else in life seem insignificant. Sports is revealed as the entertaining sideshow it is rather than something of great importance. The pro hockey championship was decided last night when Pittsburgh defeated San Jose on the road. The Penguins had last won the Stanley Cup in 2009. Since then its star, Sidney Crosby, has had a lot of vitriol directed at him by writers and fans alike. There have been many derogatory posts about him on Facebook. He has earned his vindication, named MVP of the finals. 28, he’s the only player in history to have won the Stanley Cup, an Olympic gold medal, a world junior championship, a IIHF world championship, a Hart Trophy (league MVP), an Art Ross Trophy (leading points scorer) and a Conn Smythe Trophy (playoffs MVP). And as far as I know he's never been in trouble with the law. Kudos, kid.

My thanks to the woman who bought a child care book by Dr. -- not Mr. -- Spock, and the one who purchased a pictorial comprised of Polaroids.
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