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Friday, June 24, 2016

The Writer's Life 6/24 - Consequences

The Brexit vote was not as close as expected. Those in favor carried the day by a margin of 52% to 48%. The UK can return to the semi-socialist state it was prior to its entry into the European Union. What will be the consequences? The most immediate is the hit financial markets are taking, which I'd guess is temporary. Other nations may choose to leave the EU. Italy, Spain and Greece will have less countries to mooch off. Those folks with a misplaced sense of entitlement may take to the streets, demanding what they believe is owed them by the simple fact of their existence. I hope the move leads to a fiscal sanity that rubs off on many countries. As always the question is -- will the pluses outweigh the minuses? Kudos to Prime Minister David Cameron, who opposed the exit, for stepping down. He believes the UK would be safer in the union. I realize I'm an ocean away, but I don't see how that would be so and, apparently, a significant portion of the population agrees. Voting in the USA has frequently mirrored that of England. For example, Ronald Reagan became president after Margaret Thatcher became PM. All who oppose Hillary want that indicator to remain true - (sigh).

A headline at Yahoo Sports caught my eye. NFL players are looking into the merits of marijuana as a pain killer. I believe it's a ruse so that players can indulge without fear of suspension, just as I believe marijuana advocates cite the medical benefits in the drive for legalization, knowing that simply saying "I like the high" would turn many voters off. I'm not surprised pro athletes would use this ploy. The full legalization of pot is coming. The governing bodies of sports will probably have to eliminate it from the list of banned substances. What, if any, will the consequences be? So far, the liberalization of marijuana possession and use seems benign. And if it's bringing in substantial taxes, it may be a significant plus. Curiously, there hasn't been much on this from pundits.

Ira prefers books on Hollywood and UFO's. As soon as I spotted his approach today, I picked up the large, beautiful Hollywood pictorial I'd displayed prominently, making sure he had first dibs. I was in the middle of a conversation with Angelo, who last worked for Lehman Brothers, where I imagine he received a generous buyout before it went belly up. He's now a stay-at-home dad while his wife works as a nurse. Anyway, Ira gave us his tale of woe. He was a successful tailor and, 16 years ago, bought the apartment in which he and his wife live. He was 50. After 37 years in the business, he lost his job, failed to find another in that dwindling business ravaged by new economic forces, and had to take Social Security at 62. He's been struggling to keep up with mortgage payments ever since. I felt a little guilty about accepting money from him. Angelo and he spoke for at least 15 minutes about their experiences and shook hands upon parting. In the meantime, Andu stopped by and said doctors had finally pinpointed what was ailing him, making him act out irrationally on occasion -- a fungus. He's treating it through diet, as his health insurance doesn't cover more expensive methods. He asked about my books, and wound up buying Rising Star, saying Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll were right up his alley. Was his ailment the consequence of lifestyle? I didn't ask. Again I felt guilty accepting money, although I let him choose three books as a thank you. As he was walking away, he spotted another on proper diet, which I let him have at no charge. It was the least I could do. My thanks also to the lady who bought the Kaplan SAT prep tome for her daughter.
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