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Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Writer's life 6/23 - Miracle

Some stories simply blow one away. Bentley Yoder, seven months old, was born with a frightening condition. His brain was growing outside his skull. Doctors did not expect him to live and suggested his mom abort. She didn't and everyone was astounded when he didn't pass away. Here's a picture of him from before he underwent an operation:
Four days ago surgeons using 3-D imaging managed to drain fluid from his skull, cut it and fit his brain inside. His prospects are good. Here's a picture of Bentley taken yesterday:
I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. Live long and prosper, kid.

I enjoyed the premiere of American Gothic, which aired last night at ten on CBS. Although it is yet another story about a serial killer, it has an intriguing spin: the murderer is probably a member of a large family. Who is it, and does anyone else in the family know who it is? I recognized only two actors in the cast: screen vet Virginia Madsen, now old enough to play a matriarch; and Jamey Sheridan, one of the Captains on Law & Order Criminal Intent, here as the successful father, who may have been killed off at the end of the episode. I will be surprised if he doesn't appear at least in flashbacks. I'm hoping the show will be a 13-episode arc that will come to a satisfying conclusion. Knowing what CBS has done with previous summer fare, Under the Dome, Zoo, it will drag the story out -- if the ratings are high.

Today Brits will vote on whether to stay in the European Union. The referendum has been dubbed Brexit. As someone who abhors the socialism the EU represents, I hope Brits opt for independence. As is the case here in the good ol' USA, the UK seems deeply divided. Polls have the result as too close to call. I've heard several pundits say the polls there are frequently wrong. Today Occupy Jack presented a variation on the theme. He is going to attend a speech by his hero, Bernie Sanders, and will be carrying a sign reading: Bern-Stay or Bern-Go? OJ was in peak form, lecturing for about 20 minutes straight, solving the world's problems.

Kudos to the NHL for being the first pro sports league to open a franchise in Las Vegas. I will be surprised if it is not successful. It should be able to draw both a solid local fan base and tourists. Then again, maybe visitors to Sin City are too preoccupied with gambling, boozing and hookers to attend a sports event. Other leagues will be watching closely.

The Knicks' acquisition of the injury-plagued Derrick Rose, only 27,  is a sensible gamble. They traded three decent players to acquire him. If he stays healthy, it will be a plus. If he regains his MVP form, it will be a steal If he fails and is not re-signed, the team will have loads of money toward the salary cap with which to wheel and deal.

My thanks to the kind folks who bought and donated books today. Among a handful a woman gave me was a large pictorial on Hollywood, Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable in living color on the cover.
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