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Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Writer's Life 6/30 - Serial/Cereal Killers

Since the media and the arts are dominated by leftists, a liberal bias is to be expected in programming, even fiction. Last night's episode of American Gothic contained two potshots at Republicans. The first had a character asking who one would expect to steal something from the White House, Kennedy or Nixon. There was no mention of the Clintons, who actually did steal things from the WH. In the second instance, a character likened checking people at the door of a wake to Republican efforts to suppress voter participation by requiring ID. I've been asked for identification more than once at my local polling station, and I was only mildly annoyed. I won't boycott AG, which I find intriguing. Law & Order took the same potshots throughout its long run and I still loved it, as it did not always adhere to liberal bias in story line. AG included a boundary-pushing scene when a divorced couple, struggling with drug abuse, had sex to ward off the demon -- in the bathroom of the venue where the male's father's funeral service was taking place. In another instance, two females seemed about to go into the now obligatory same sex liplock. Despite this nonsense, I'm interested in the main plot: was the deceased a serial killer? Through two episodes, it certainly seems that way, but I expect several twists, which are the hallmarks of mysteries.

By a vote of 68-30, Congress has approved another bailout, this time of Puerto Rico, where 3.6 million inhabitants have amassed a debt in excess of $70 billion. Too bad it doesn't include a complete severing of ties. I'm sure, if a vote similar to the Brexit were taken, the majority of the island's inhabitants would opt to stay and continue the gravy train.

I'll be surprised if the following idea flies. Then again, I've been wrong a million times in my life, many of those instances in financial matters. From Yahoo News: Kellogg is opening its first cereal cafe -- in Times Square. The price per bowl will be between $6.50 and $7.50 and can be eaten in or taken out, and there are plans to launch a delivery service later in the year. The idea is part of a push to reinvigorate U.S. cereal sales, which have declined as consumers choose healthier foods over sugary and processed products. The concept already has been tried in London, where the Cereal Killer Cafe has two branches. The NYC shop will provide new gourmet recipes. Staff members dressed in t-shirts with Kellogg's catch phrases greet customers behind a colorful counter laden with myriad toppings like lime zest, thyme and malted milk powder. Customers receive a buzzer that notifies when an order is complete. When it goes off, they pick up the order, packaged in a brown paper bag showered with Kellogg's logo, from a red locker. Each bowl comes with a 12-ounce container of milk -- on the side.

Kudos to basketball player Brandon Jennings, who has opted to play professionally in Italy rather than go through the charade of being a student-athlete at the University of Arizona.

The Cleveland Indians have a 12-game winning streak. They feature a pitching rotation solid from one through five. If they manage to rent a couple of good hitters for the stretch run, they, like the Cavs, will have a good shot at breaking a championship drought. The last time the Tribe won the World Series was 1948.

Business at the floating book shop is as bad as it gets right now. After only one sale yesterday, none today. My thanks to Marie, who donated a pictorial on art and two huge cookbooks.
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