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Monday, May 9, 2016

The Writer's Life 5/9 - Nonsense

Many Republican officials are refusing to back Trump. It manifests why people are so disenchanted with the party, which has been virtually spineless in its fight vs. big government. The Donald won the nomination fair and square. Granted, he does not conform to many conservative talking points. So what? Is it any different than what most in the GOP do in practice? The President has played them like a fiddle, enacting bad policy despite not controlling either of the two houses. Stop the nonsense.

For the umpteenth time Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are rumored to be heading for divorce. Ozzy, 65, has been cheating on her with a 45-year-old stylist to the stars. Has Sharon finally reached her nonsense limit? Would Ozzy survive without her or would he spin completely out of control?

Pro sports delivered the unusual yesterday. The Chicago Cubs refused to let Washington Nationals' slugger Bryce Harper hurt them. In seven plate appearances in the 13-inning game, he was walked six times and hit by a pitch -- that's respect. The Cubs won, completing a three-game sweep that knocked the Nats out of first place... In golf, James Hahn is the new poster boy for perseverance. He had missed his last eight cuts. His confidence was low, his cash flow receding. Somehow he rallied to win this weekend's tournament on the first hole of sudden death. Kudos, sir... And golf's wayward son, John Daly, finished in a tie for 17th in his first appearance on the senior tour. I expect him to do very well on the circuit. As always, the problem will be what he does with the money he earns. He has squandered millions on nonsense throughout his checkered career.

I seem to say this every year: an astonishing number of college football players are arrested during the off-season. One is now brain dead after being shot. When will this nonsense be addressed by leaders? I guess they're too busy organizing anti-police protests.  

As for the daily nonsense that is the floating book shop. My thanks to the kind folks who bought books and DVDs today on Bay Parkway, and to Ann, who donated an armful of books that included several on Chinese cooking.
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