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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Writer's Life 5/3 - Treasure Hunt

There's an interesting development in Poland -- treasure hunting. Prospectors are hunting for gold looted by the Nazis. Two men claim to have found a train buried eight meters beneath a hill near the town of Walbrzych. It is believed that German officers hid a locomotive packed with gold, jewels, cash and WWII artifacts. It is estimated that only two-thirds of the gold stolen by Hitler's henchmen has been recovered. The most sought after prize is the Amber Room of the Czars, pictured above. It is also believed that several of Rembrandt's paintings are among the booty. Whether the aforementioned train is a bonanza has yet to be determined. It may contain only armaments. The two men who arranged underground imaging of the area in question are persona non grata to local prosecutors, who threaten to arrest them for having operated without permission, and to fine others looking to get rich. Maybe it's time to call in Kelly's Heroes (1970), the group led by Clint Eastwood in that silly, fun film about stealing what the Krauts stole. (Facts from London Mail website)

Last night Houdini and Doyle premiered on Fox at nine. Set in London at the turn of the 20th century, it has the famous pair helping Scotland Yard solve murders. It is totally fictional, although the two were friends in real life. Will it provide entertainment treasure? That's what matters. Episode one was okay. Doyle, who has just killed off his iconic literary character, is deadly serious and Houdini is a know-it-all joker. Kudos to the the creators for setting the series at the actual start of the millennium, 1901, not 1900. Of course, the present being an era of political correctness, the writers have included a female constable. I was skeptical about the historical accuracy of this point, so I googled it. Yes, it's bogus, but I was surprised to learn that the first female constable, Edith Smith, was hired in 1915. I would have guessed it would have occurred during WWII, when eligible male candidates were needed in the armed forces.

There was no treasure for the floating book shop, which was rained out today, and prospects for the next two, possible three, aren't much better. The convenient parking spot I scored yesterday may go to waste. I've been lucky so far this year, as even on gloomy days I've had a few hours of no precipitation with which to work. Maybe this is mother nature's way of evening things out.
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