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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Writer's Life 5/11 - In the Stars

In an article in today's NY Post, Chris Perez reports on the fascinating find made by a teenager. 15-year-old Canadian William Gadoury has uncovered a large Mayan settlement -- without ever having set foot in Mexico! How? He discovered that previous finds aligned with constellations. He obtained satellite images from the Canadian Space Agency and projected the constellations over the area in the Yucatan Peninsula via Google Earth, and found exactly what he'd expected -- geometric shapes similar to previous sites. Kudos, kid. Here he is addressing admirers:

The news that Facebook filters its news feed to exclude conservative viewpoints comes as no surprise. It's what most of the media does. Still, it is incumbent on citizens to seek out alternative opinions, whether from the right or even those to the left of Hillary and Bernie. It's all there at our fingertips, either in newspapers or on TV stations like Fox News, and on the web. "Seek and ye shall find."

Sanders wins the West Virginia primary by 15% - love it! The Clintons will shrug and move on, perhaps add names to the list of those upon whom they will exact revenge once -- if -- they regain power. They are hardcore politicians/criminals, lifers in their own unique, corrupt way.

On Monday night the second episode of Houdini and Doyle was solid. Despite the constant feminist preaching, the show looks like a keeper. Surprisingly, the second of the 13-episode arc of the final season of Person of Interest was excellent, quite amusing and not reliant upon the shootouts that have been its hallmark. Last night's installment returned to the routine.

Whenever Jeff, a former Exchange employee who is a fellow resident of the Atlantic Towers co-op passes the floating book shop, he never fails to mention how much he enjoyed Exchanges, which is based on my time on the trading floor, and which he purchased more than a year ago. "It's the best book I read in years," he said again today. Since he hadn't asked about any of my others, I assumed he didn't read much and had been interested only because of the setting. Today he bought Rising Star, Killing and Adjustments, saying he needed "beach reads." My thanks, and also to the other kind folks who made purchases on this gorgeous day. I had visits from Political Man and Ol' Smoky. PM was as emotional as I'd ever seen him, telling passersby: "Anyone who votes for Trump is brain dead." That will include me come November. PM must be distressed about the polls that show the standard bearers neck and neck, and the fact Hillary cannot put Bernie away... Ol' Smoky says he has conquered the demon that brought on his ranting spells -- without meds. I hope it's true. One day I saw him shouting to no one in particular. It was sad and scary.
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