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Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Writer's Life 5/19 - Wonderland

"Curiouser and curiouser," cried Alice. Here's what I found most interesting about the wonderland that is planet Earth, as found in today's news, which might have shocked even Lewis Carroll:

Donald Trump has issued a list of possible Supreme Court picks -- if he is elected.  All seem acceptable to conservatives. Of course, naysayers claim he is not being sincere. The make up of the court may be the second  most important issue after the economy. Under Hillary, it is guaranteed to careen left, possibly for a generation, which would mean controversial issues would not face the checks and balances so vital to government. Then again, presidents have been known to issue executive fiats to circumvent opposition.

Google has submitted an interesting patent regarding its driverless car. If a pedestrian is struck, a glue will be emitted that keeps the person fastened to the hood in the hope of saving him/her from more harm. I do not like the idea of driverless cars. I would never be comfortable in one, maybe because I'm simply an anal retentive control freak. There has been skepticism about invention throughout history, and fears have been put to rest, life improved. Maybe this will be another example.

In 2013, 677 women over 50 gave birth. I'm surprised it wasn't more, given the wondrous medical innovations made in the reproductive realm. If the deliveries are largely successful, I expect the figure to climb. I'd bet there will be a lot of modern women who suddenly change their mind about being childless.

And in the realm of the macabre, the gun George Zimmerman used to kill Trayvon Martin sold at auction for $120,000, not a great moment in the history of the human race.

NYC has issued guidelines requiring employees and landlords to refer to transgender workers and tenants, at least those who request it, as "ze/hir." Violators risk a fine of $250,000.

All of the above were gleaned from the NY Post. This is from Yahoo Sports: Jesus Machado received a scholarship offer from national champion Alabama, his fifth from a major institution. Ho-hum, you say. The six-one, one-hundred-ninety-five-pounder is in the eighth grade.

My thanks to the kind folks who bought books, and to Natalya, who donated three mysteries in Russian, and Tanya, who donated an eclectic mix that includes pictorials, young adult novels and children books. She said she will bring more tomorrow. I have to figure out where to store them. The problem would resolve itself if a few more people would take the time to scan the impressive array and make purchases at the dirt cheap prices I charge.
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