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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Writer's Life 3/8 - By the Numbers

The following were gleaned from today's NY Post: The Heritage Foundation, which grades nations on economic freedom, now ranks the USA 17th in the world, its lowest-ever standing, below Chile and former Soviet states like Estonia, Lithuania and Georgia... It's been 20 years since rapper Biggie Smalls was murdered. The case remains unsolved... For the fifth straight week the ratings of The Tonight Show have finished second to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Pundits claim the reversal is due to Jimmy Fallon's refusal to attack Trump, which Colbert does constantly. The election of the Donald has saved Colbert's job. What irony... Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks has become the sixth NBA player to reach 30,000 career points... Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder scored 58 points last night - and his team still lost... For the tenth time, New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundquist, dubbed "The King," has reached 30 wins in a season, a feat accomplished previously only by Martin Brodeur and Patrick Roy. Those two have something Lundquist cherishes - Stanley Cup rings... The "reality" show Survivor will broadcast its 500th episode tonight. I've seen about a minute of it since its debut in 2000... Here are another two items, mentioned by talk radio host Mark Simone this morning: Tucker Carlson's rating on the Fox News channel are 50% higher than those of his predecessor, Megyn Kelly, recently hired by NBC. I wonder if the peacock network is suffering buyer's remorse... The sale of the Ivanka Trump clothing line has risen 356% lately. She doesn't need the money, of course, but it's great to see Americans support her... And these two nuggets from Yahoo's Odd News: Wisconsin Police allege two men have stolen nearly 1800 cases of diapers, 100,000 total, valued at more than $45,000, from a charitable organization that provides goods to families in need... A 19-year-old Michigan man, previously in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's tallest teenager, has finally found an affordable pair of shoes for his size-28 feet, thanks to a 3-D printer. Broc Brown, seven-feet-eight, has Sotos Syndrome, also known as cerebral gigantism, which affects about one in every 15,000 people. Feetz, a California shoe company, uses an app to convert photos of the feet into a 3-D model, which can be measured to create custom-fit shoes manufactured by a printer. CEO Lucy Beard recently delivered a pair of black and red shoes to Brown at his home. Here's a pic:

It was one of those rare days when the floating book shop resembled a real business. The session started with a bang when a gentleman who'd selected four works of non-fiction, including two by Italo Calvino, spotted Rising Star, which he also bought. I gladly fulfilled his request of signing it. My thanks, and also to the woman who looked through the five oldies CD's I'd recently burned and selected #1, and to the woman who bought Hamlet in Russian, and to Mariann's dad, Viktor, who purchased not only the classics I'd set aside for her but several in Russian. I had a good laugh when a gregarious old-timer who has donated several books to the cause, who doesn't speak Russian, spotted the Hamlet and said: "Let me know when you get Macbeth." Kudos. The cover design and Cyrillic lettering were easy to figure out on that one. I was not aware of the Dostoevsky's, which Viktor mentioned to his daughter over his iphone. She'd asked me several times to save anything that came my way by our favorite author.I will not part with my personal copies.
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